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  1. The test exists not to educate us, but to protect Linden Lab. So they can say, in the face of massive violations, that they informed their users to the intricacies of IP law, and hopefully avoid becoming a party to the inevitable wave of lawsuits. I agree with you that if residents could flag content, we could clear up a lot of the IP trouble in SL. But when LL is offering a line of vehicle avatars obviously based on known cars, I don't think they have their eyes on this particular prize.
  2. Well, the Blender one makes a poly mesh gratifyingly smooth at a reasonable poly count. Experiment with it and I think you'll like it.
  3. Forget you ever found the Subsurf button and find the Set Smooth button as fast as you can.
  4. Yep. Sat down, stood up, sunk in the ground.
  5. Just went back to the beta grid and the toes are fine. I'll see if I can get the problem to recur.
  6. So I've made an avatar with separate parts (head, torso, arms, legs) and some prim and sculpty attachments. The avatar has pointed toes, so I used pelvis offset to lift the avatar to show the toes. No problem. So I uploaded on the main grid and that worked. Then I go back to the beta grid and the avatar's feet are buried in the ground. Back to the main grid, and same problem. I tried uploading every part of the avatar again with the same pelvis offset that worked the first time, and still no good. Any ideas? I'm going to go back to the beta grid and see if I can jack this avatar up high enough to make it work, but I would hate to have this feature work at random. And I would like to vote again for showing ground level in the upload window. That would save a lot of time.
  7. If you've only recently added payment information you may need to make a small purchase of Linden dollars to activate the financial connection.
  8. Trademarks never expire so long as they are in active use by the company holding them. There is no public domain for products that are still being produced and sold. Copyright is more complex, and extensions can be granted in the US by the Congress. This is why Mickey Mouse is still protected. Plus, you have the problem of not knowing what material that may be in the public domain in one country is still protected in another. For instance, there are still works protected in Germany that are in the public domain in the US, due to the fact that Nazi Germany did not recognize many Allied copyrights. Germany tacked on those missing years of protection after WWII, extending the copyrights on certain creative works past what was originially expected.
  9. Note that in Blender 2.49 on a Mac you have to pull down the header menu, select the System & Open GL menu, and click on Emulate Keyboard to get the numerical view selections to work. I bought a SpaceNavigator 3D device recently to help with Blender recently (the trackpad on my MacBook Pro has killed my thumb in four years with Blender). It works great with Sketchup but nobody can get it to work with Blender. Oops.
  10. Well, unless you can link your credit source to your avatar in some way that LL can see, maybe mesh won't be possible.
  11. I find the prim count change very encouraging. I find the burden of scripts put on mesh very discouraging. Killing the possibility of mesh vehicles is terrible. I'm also very put off by the linking problem. I understand that LL wants to "balance the books" of mesh in a way they did not with regular prims and sculpts (and flexiprims and alpha, etc.) They eat the server costs of many other features in SL. For whatever reason, they don't want to do that with mesh. What they'll accomplish, of course, is to eliminate mesh's potential in many areas and encourage the continued use of sculpties. They have to absorb the cost of avatar attachments or nobody could travel in-world. They's absorbed the costs on other assets to make SL interesting to builders and functional for consumers. So why burden mesh?
  12. How did you manage the payment info on file part? I thought that usually involved a credit card they could charge, or some way you could buy linden dollars.
  13. Make sure you have the latest mesh viewer and if you have only newly filed your payment info you may need to buy a small amount of linden dollars to establish that financial connection.
  14. It is such an F40 I can't believe it. I mean, at least go for a 458, something attractive.
  15. If it is recognizable by the creator you have a problem. There is such a thing as International Copyright Law. You cannot know where a copyright might still be in force. No, you cannot assume a product goes into the public domain in the same way a novel does, objects from outside the US are certainly protected, and the AK is definitely still protected. Make an original weapon, or rely on LL's complete lack of action on actual copyrighted items (picked up your new, LL-provided Ferrari avatar yet?).
  16. I like the weight idea. Of course, I've been asking for a mesh ARC for about a year now. Sigh.
  17. I experienced the problem when I used the lowest LOD as the physics shape. Maybe that's the confusing little bug.
  18. I've gotten hung up on the "number of texture faces" thing a time or two. I've filed it under "mesh *$*@ I don't understand."
  19. I do like the way Friday's development viewer asks you to state what sort of thing you think you're uploading. I has a nice ring of "we give up, what is it?" to it.
  20. Rusalka Writer


    Since it's in the mesh area, I'll just assume I don't know what IT is, and if I manage to make IT work I won't understand how or why. I won't remember how to do IT a second time, and Blender will hide the necessary menu to activate IT in a keyboard shortcut I'll never find again. Drongle will post a thoroughly helpful explanation of IT and Gaia will produce an excellent tutorial for IT. It will study both for many hours, and yet IT will escape me. And I'll never get a pony.
  21. Is there someone who can move the sculpty questions into Building and Texturing and out of Mesh? The poster might get more attention over there.
  22. I am likewise reassured, not intimidated by the idea of the elites who might be able to afford the epic sum of L$150 for uploading whatever (sixty cents US! What is the world coming to?), but will take the opportunity to upload every bit of mesh I've made in the last fourteen months upon which I can still clap hands. See you kids in the sandbox.
  23. It turns into a compromise. Figure out what parts of your larger build can be accomplished with regular prims (walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, roads) and what definitely needs to be mesh. The regular prims solve all the hassle of the physics interaction and cost nothing, and you can do details in mesh with no physics costs where possible. Then hope for more in the future. For now, make the best of what we've got.
  24. Anyone trying to avoid mesh should never have joined SL, or any other virtual world. Mesh is everywhere. Prims, sculpts, everything has an underlying mesh to it. The mesh program going through in SL just gives creators more control over the shape of meshes and the appearance of objects. With luck and skill, the mesh objects generated will make SL more efficient and interesting for everybody.
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