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  1. I run a successful business in Second Life and am looking for a partner to counter my flaws and help me grow my brand and start enjoying SL again. I am hoping to find someone practicle, mathimatically inclined, prefereably a scripter, and with a Dominant personality. Personally, I have a tendency to be a flake and flitter around from project to project as my mind wanders. I am full of creativity and beauty, but I lack the stable mind to use it the best way possible. My business in SL has always been most successful when I have a partner. Please contact (Resa Oberlander) in world if you're int
  2. Does anyone know where to find some well done acrobatic animations? I saw someone at a shop with a few animations in her AO that were like a contortionist, or something of the like. She poofed before I could get her name to bug her for a LM. I've been searching, but found nothing yet! Any LMs or suggestions are appreciated! :heart:
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