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  1. Oh my goodness! The stock market is not a ponzi scheme, except in the minds of those who don't understand it. Over the long term, its value fluctuates with the size of the underlying economic activity. Just ask Warren Buffet. He and others have made lots of money by buying companies that have participated in the U.S growth story over the last 50+ years. I've followed his methods for several decades to my benefit and am quite convinced of this idea too! Regards P.S. Have you ever actually read any books on the theory and practices of investing???
  2. I never realized that there this was this much detail about the Linden economy. I wonder when the Linden Stock Market Exchange (the LSMX as a working title), will be created. As a day trader in RL, I might like to try my hand at it. So when is the first IPO of a Linden economy company? Lol! Regards
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