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  1. Which medieval/fantasy combat RP systems with OS scripts (at least for the weapons) are currently maintained and widely-used, please? I know about ZCS, but what else is active at the moment? I've been out of the SL combat RP scene for some years now, and things seem to have moved on from last time I looked at the systems.
  2. No, but before I retired I worked in the the criminal justice system, and am very familiar with the distinction between what someone remembers happening and what actually did happen, since I've heard so many completely independent, honest and truthful witnesses describe, in detail and on oath, events that didn't actually take place. Similarly, I've learned by hard experience that, when I'm being told something at all important, or telling it to someone else, that it's prudent to ensure that both of us properly understand what the other one is saying, and to make a note of it, so I'm sure I remember the details of what we've agreed, because I've all too often found myself in one of those situations where what one of us thinks we said isn't what the other one thinks he or she heard. Memory alone isn't reliable.
  3. Forgive me for saying so, but your recollection, unaided by a contemporaneous note, of what you think you remember one of the Moles saying at some point in the past, though you can't actually remember who that Mole might have been, may not be quite as an authoritative source of factual information about LL's policies as you seem to think it is. Was anyone with you at the time who might remember the incident, or have you asked Patch or any other Lindens or Moles whether this is, in fact, LDPW's official attitude?
  4. I don't know, but I'd suspect that most land-based themes would prove far more generally attractive -- if you think of the number of people who might be interested in living in -- say -- something based on styles reminiscent of, for example, a Tuscan or Provençal or Moroccan or Greek or Japanese village, I suspect that would be far greater than the number of people other than merfolk interested in underwater living.
  5. It's a lovely idea but I wonder how much LL will want to to implement it, at least in the immediate future. How large is the SL mer-community? What's proposed is, in effect, a whole new theme, like houseboats, or campers, or Victorian, which will be of huge interest to mer-folk but of limited interest (though probably not of no interest) to most other people. Depending on the size of the mer-community, LL might wonder if it's an efficient use of the Moles' time to have them create content and to build new regions for a specialist theme primarily aimed at one particular rp community when there's however many tens of thousands of Premium members who aren't merfolk still needing homes built. By the same token, what effect would this have on existing residential mer communities in SL (assuming there are some)? Their members with premium accounts would have a very good reason to abandon their existing residences for Bellisseria, which might well leave whoever owns the region where the merfolk presently live unable to continue to support it, and thus break up the old community completely.
  6. Ask your friend to contact Paleo Linden, which is the Linden account that operates PaleoQuest, explaining what happened and ask for the matter to be investigated.
  7. All I can suggest is that you contact Paelo Linden, which is the LL account responsible for PaleoQuest, explain the situation, and ask to be unbanned.
  8. The dialog message says "You have ignored three warnings," though. So there's two accidental sits, but shouldn't there have been a third warning before it banned you, or did the Security miscount?
  9. The dialog message refers to three previous warnings. What had happened previously to cause those?
  10. I had difficulty finding a decent shape -- I ended up making my own -- but I can recommend Lorac Farella's skins at Pulse. Many of her skins, both male and female, are available in different ages, so you can choose not only the look you want but how old you want to be.
  11. Rather than rezzing and derezzing things, I would use llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast to change the tail prims from one tail to another.
  12. You would need to consult a patent lawyer in the appropriate jurisdiction, of course, but I am pretty certain you can't anywhere patent (or copyright) ideas, only their implementation.
  13. Thank you for the swift reply, both. I shall certainly check your recommendations. Just to clarify, my avatar isn't ancient. He's a distinguished gent in his late 50s or early 60s, so he doesn't want to be bouncing around, but he's not doddery, either.
  14. Has anyone any suggestions for a good AO for an older male avatar? Price isn't really an issue, but I don't want anything particularly elaborate.
  15. You might try playing with the new llSetKeyframedMotion. That's smoother than llSetPos and other non-physics motion (and a lot kinder on the sim).
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