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  1. Thanks so much! I didn't try adding the DNS servers, but I was able to download v and login successfully. Good to know they are working on the bug. Thanks again! Isa
  2. I feel that I should note I just tried logging in with Phoenix Viewer with success. Could this indicate something? Thanks all for your help and time. Isa
  3. Thank you. I saw that article earlier when I was trying to resolve it, and have tried those things to no avail. The puzzling thing to me is that the error didn't occur this morning on the older version - it happened after the update. Anyone else getting this error with this update, or is it only me? Isa
  4. Hi everyone, This morning I went to login on my Mac OSX 10.6 SL viewer 2, and saw that an update was available. I was able to see the login screen on SL fine. I downloaded the new version today (4/30/11, and got the login error: DNS could not resolve the host name. I can see www.secondlife.com. Firewall is not blocking. Cleared my DNS cache in terminal. Restarted my Mac and the router - twice. This issue started with the new update (didn't get the error on the previous version this morning.) Any thoughts why this version is giving me this headache? And does anyone know how I can go back to the older version until this is resolved? (I deleted it in an attempt to resolve this issue and would need to download it.) Thanks! Isa :womanwink:
  5. Mr. Humble, welcome to SL. I think there are some very good suggestions made in these comments to give you direction, and a lot of healthy and unhealthy skepticism. It's clear to see that improvement is needed. That's probably why you're here! I personally like the idea someone suggested for you to connect with residents every day in some way, where you get direct feedback. If you do this, I think you'll get a good sense over the next year of the resident experience. Isa
  6. Under your blog community profile, click Edit Preferences, and Notifications. You can select no email notifications there.
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