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  1. I am hoping that someone can tell me which independent agency audits the frequent SL "charity events". In particular, what guarantee is made, and verified, that moneys donated reach the intended charity, who vets the charity itself (what % of money raised is actually spent on the cause, including the legal status of the charity), and where SecondLife posts this information prior to adding a "charity event to its message of the day? All of these are just very basic due diligence, and SL owes us no less, in a very transparent manor.
  2. I had assumed that all of the logon screen popups and announcements came from the creators of my viewer, but have learned, courtesy of the Net Neutrality political spamming, that they come from the Lindens. There are announcements for a great many charity this's and thats'. Who vets those? Who makes sure any money raised actually goes to a vetted charity? Where are the vetting documents posted online? Among other critical issues, what percentage of money raised actually goes to the charity cause and not "overhead"? What are executive pay levels in the supported charities? Where is the charity located and what is their 501 status? What is the legal name of the charity for which donations are being solicited? Who guarantees that the "tinyurl"s listed are virus free, and who is responsible if they are not? An aside, tinyurls are almost as dangerous as clicking on a link in an email. Just saying... John
  3. Actually, Net Neutrality does not go nearly far enough. No one should be able to buy a car faster than any other! No one should be able to pay for faster delivery of a package. USPS, FedEx, and UPS should be forced to have one delivery fee for the SAME delivery time. As soon as we have that, we can move on to Life Neutrality!
  4. I have read with real interest the discussions. I am afraid I complicated things by trying to "simplify" the example. This is a Function which I use for window blinds, stage curtains, garage doors and stuff like that. It raises and lowers by resizing and repositioning. With trivial changes it can work in the x or y planes. blind_moving() { llLoopSound("Blind Moving",15.0); if (isopen == FALSE) { isopen = TRUE; for (counter = 0; counter < fullopen; ++counter) { psize.z = psize.z + startwidth; //psize local to object pposition.z = pposition.z - (startwidth / 2); //pposition is global llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_SIZE,psize,PRIM_POSITION,pposition]); } } else { isopen = FALSE; for (counter = 0; counter < fullopen; ++counter) { psize.z = psize.z - startwidth; pposition.z = pposition.z + (startwidth / 2); llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_SIZE,psize,PRIM_POSITION,pposition]); } } llStopSound(); } There is no sleep. If I am reading what Nova said correctly, once this function is called, there is no way to interupt until is is finished? Thanks all for the comments!
  5. I think I must be missing something simple. I want to start a function with the first touch and stop it with a second touch. I have tried using states, tried using touch_start to start and touch_end to stop, no matter how I code it the 2nd Touch event is not processed until the function is completed. The script is complex, but my problem is simple. The script below only sees a 2nd touch event when counting is done. integer interupted = FALSE; integer counter; integer iscounting; counting() { do { llSay(0,(string) counter + " " + (string) interupted); llSleep(1); counter = counter + 1; } while ((counter < 50) && (interupted == FALSE)); } default { state_entry() { counter = 0; } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(0,"Touched"); if (iscounting == FALSE) { iscounting = TRUE; counting(); } else interupted = TRUE; } } I have that feeling where you know the answer must be staring you in the face and you can't see it! Any help will be MUCH appreciated, even if someone tells me that "you can't" and why. John
  6. My bank shows money withdrawn, no Lindens received. It seems virtually impossible to find a link to report this, which after many minutes with billing support, is what they told me to do. I understand computer glitches, but not a site which makes it virtually impossible to actually contact them! Truly annoyed. John
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