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  1. Anyone know of a public location where we can practice our terraforming skills? Thanks in advance ! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  2. Make your way into Sweethearts Jazz Club, and jazz up your morning, afternoon or evening, because anytime you arrive is the right time to be here. Chat, meet new people, play games, join in the conversation going on all around you and make new friends! There is always an "event" at Sweethearts! If all this fun is not enough for you, we also offer one of Second Life's greatest shopping experiences featuring the best designers in our world, and unique designer freebies you cannot find anywhere else. You won't find a more inviting, friendly place to spend your time. http://slurl.co
  3. Sweethearts has been my destination of choice when looking for good jazz with a friendly/romantic atmosphere for over one year now. The "friends and family" at Sweets are down to earth and friendly, the music is always awesome, they have lots of contests and freebies, great shopping , and the atmosphere is both romantic and comfortable. Sweethearts has an outdoor ballroom, and lots of little secret areas to sneak away for a little innocent romantic time with my sweetie. Sweethearts has a dating service as well, although most of the singles seem to meet their someone special right there while v
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