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  1. Is there a way to make my own sculpts to show me as creator, or a program to upload them? plz let me know and ty in advance ....Emariz Elman^^
  2. Im using the viewer Firestorm, and i need to know how to make a shape that shows me as the creator for maket place, thank you in advance.
  3. I need help with information on how and where to file a ticket for a lost item...i had the horse inworld..i beleive it got lost when i used the Global Pony Setting system...plz plz help this horse is valuable to my herd and my sl revenue ....ty so much in advance...Emariz Elman
  4. how do i install media webkit plugin? and where? plz help i have uninstalled and reinstalled viewers´╗┐
  5. I need help with getting a folder that is missing from my inventory it is my babies folder I paid lots of money for them and it is now missing... i went to help, but i dont see the contact support option to submit a ticket ..plz help with some direction on this...ty in advance Emariz Elman
  6. How can i get my avatar checked to see if i have a bug, im either a cloud or grey or my clothes dont load.... plz help me i have been this way for 3 days also how can i reset my original settings it may be something i got to enhance my avatars looks and it has been bad everysince..ty in advance Emariz Elman
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