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    Eu não consigo ver todas as opcões do meu perfil, como adicionar amigo, oferecer TP e demais itens,gostaria de obter ajuda parasolucionar este problema.
  2. This is the third timei i want to bui lindens and don't complete! I write to linden lab and after this i try again and everything is ok. Why it happens? Second Life: Linden Dollar Market Buy Order Declined Notification: Nana, An attempt to purchase Linden Dollars for your account via the LindeX page on secondlife.com has failed. https://cashier.secondlife.com/4fedef27-1c54-69f6-408c-55ef015d4d5a After all, Linden send me an email saying they saw i did the purchase... Since march, it happened 3 times. Hope everything will finish well. Thanks,
  3. I'm trying to buy Linden dollars, but I keep getting a pop-up that tells me denied transaction. Isn't the first time. First i wrote and after a time someone came to talk tome but in thatmoment everything was ok. Now again! What can i do to resolve this issue? Thanks
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