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  1. Hi Lillith Catwa Victor head, Stray Dog Jake skin.
  2. Hello there. Please could anyone point me in the direction of a more chubby than normal Belleza Jake body shape? I need a Dad bod type if possible, as I'm a guy in his late 50's. Thanks in advance. Glen
  3. Here’s me, ready for a night out on the town. Oh, and blind as a bat without my glasses. It's an age thing...
  4. Or they could be waiting for the moles to re-set the mailbox on their plot before starting to unpack. There are quite a few reports of homes suddenly disappearing or not being able to select the houseboat style right now, due to a scripting error within the mailbox itself.
  5. I have to agree with many here, I'm afraid. After being in-world for several years and seeing these new homes advertised, I finally upgraded to Premium a couple of days ago (paying for 12 months upfront). I am really disappointed to find that not enough of the houseboats and homes have been built! I also find it rather cheeky to say the least that the Lindens are quite happy to offer me one of the older style homes right now, when in their own words "Old Linden Homes will be phased out over time..." Surely, they should stop anyone from signing up to a new home that could be demolished in a matter of months! There, moan over...
  6. Refreshing here, I'm guessing there are Linden apprentices on building sites hard at work as I type this...
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