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  1. Mayalily wrote: Peggy Paperdoll wrote: How many people who use routers lock those routers down. Meaning blocking any device from accessing the router and gaining access to the Internet (called "piggybacking on someone elses connection")? If you have a router and it's less than about 8 years old, it's also wireless.....even if you are connected via an Ethernet cable. Any Joe walking down the street with a cell phone/smart phone capable of Internet connections wirelessly can see in a matter of a few seconds if someone has a router not locked down........now he knows where you are
  2. I should have mentioned clearing the cache as one of the first things I did. However, I'll go ahead and try a manual, full deletion of the cache.
  3. This is a new one for me. There are two sims that I frequent but can't teleport directly between them. I can teleport if I go via an intermediate sim. So that should rule out access list problems, maturity levels, scripted attachments, etc. I've tried with another alt, same problem. That should rule out ghosting problems. I've downloaded FireStorm for the first time, so no previous settings in the Firestorm AppData directory (and it doesn't seem to use the SecondLife AppData directory the way Phoenix does). Same problem. So it's not some setting (unless there are shared settings between
  4. And, as luck would have it, here's an article about a teacher fired for "friending" students. I think there's more to the story than indicated, but still it suggests that focusing all your social connectivity and communications via Facebook isn't such a good idea.
  5. Deltango Vale wrote: Facebook is for people who like cassette tape recorders and 35mm film cameras - the kind of people who think privacy is closing the loo door to take a pee. While I agree with your conclusion, I'd say the exact opposite for the first part.Facebook is for people who, while standing in line at the drug store, tweet that they're picking up their "pills", then just as they're about to pay, they answer the phone and tell their bf/gf "No, not tonight, my parents will be home. How about the back of your car?"
  6. A number of these can't fairly be attributed to SL: Bling, Click on it, Log Out, Rez, and probably Mute. I see Av much more than Avi. I don't believe SL can lay general claim to avatar or its variations, but perhaps in the specific context of an avatar that routinely changes shape and clothes, it could. My vote is for Lag and Zindra. Lag may not have originated with SL, but it does bring it to new heights.
  7. Just out of curiosity, do you have SL IMs from that account set to forward to email? If so, I would assume you'd never deliberately reply via email to such an IM, but we all make mistakes. I believe SL doesn't include your email when it forwards such a reply, but it's been a couple of years since I've done that. It seems more likely that the address and info were stolen, rather than being deliberately sold (or given). In theory, they could be stolen from anywhere in the chain. Certainly a security breach on LL's systems is a possibility, as is one on your server, your mail client, and an
  8. Storm Clarence wrote: Now that the Lithium software, with the help of some kudos from friends, promoted me to Advisor status, I find that I still can not effectively communicate without proper emoticons aka smilies. Sure you can, as you proved with this post.
  9. Canis Baxton wrote: All it takes is for thier parents to see what they have done, check the chat logs on his computer and you WILL be arrested as a sex offender. The incident will also be splashed all over the newspapers and TVs that you have seduced a child and are now charged with a crime. Seeing as how I've yet to see any such incident splashed all over the newspapers, should I conclude that no parents have ever learned about their teens engaging in such conversations? Come to think of it, I'm sure there are plenty more examples of teens engaged in sexual chat with adults on vario
  10. NavanaxSacratus wrote: And that's the crux of MY problem. During the account setup process there was no warning that the account name was what was really going to serve as the name that most people saw and used to refer to or address a person. I thought the display name would serve that purpose only to slowly discover how wrong I was. This is really no different from the previous problem of people using names like Joe1234 because Joe was already taken, and then discovering that they were stuck with a foolishly nerdish name with no way to change it. Because of all the existing scrip
  11. Little Ming wrote: A number of examples, the shoppers, clubbers, role-players, and designers could all benefit from deeper integration and communication methods with other social networks. Other than designers, you haven't given any way that the others would benefit from such integration. Designers (and club owners, landlords, etc.) could benefit from the advertising potential of such networks. But for the others, I have yet to see any benefits identified for such integration. The ability to use SLurls already exists, and works from any web site. Various blogs and other web sites a
  12. Void Singer wrote: I think you are heavily discounting the value of visual identity.... for instance, my own badge icon doesn't leave my name as the most readable (I've been meaning to update it actually), but the image is the same one I've used in two prvious incarnations of these forums... it's recognizable in a sort of instaneous way that my text name never will be. you could say that my preference is identifying ME within the forum, over identifying my NAME in a forum... it's a bit like brand recognition, and consistency is key to that... this way people can attach a value to that easi
  13. Not only is the web site more reliable, it also lets you place limit orders, which get you better rates.
  14. Bunky Snowbear wrote: Ahh, but how do I know they are private if they have no barriers? Surely if people were concerned about trespassers, they would install security. How do you know they're public if they have no signs, advertisements, classifieds, etc? There are plenty of places in SL that are actually worth seeking out and visiting, because of interesting or exceptional design, theme, etc. Merely walking through one parcel at a time seems a most inefficient way to go about things.
  15. I've read through this thread, but probably haven't caught up on all the related threads since the switch. But it occurs to me that thread titles are a major annoyance with spam, even if you never read the contents of a spam thread. Therefore, with respect to titles of new threads only: Prohibit special characters other than hyphen (the minus sign), period, comma, colon, apostrophe, double quotes, and question mark. This would allow accented characters and others needed for foreign languages, but prohibit wing dings, stars, other fancy glyphs, and most especially, the dollar sign and oth
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