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  1. What has killed online Gor for me is the puritanism of sticking to the books rigidly and completely to the letter with no scope for innovation nor improvisation.

    Essay length serves have also made it an exercise in tedium, once you have written some that are deemed acceptable all you have to do is change a few details here and there the creativity seems to have been sucked out it.


    Its no just SL I have seen it become like this over time.


    Just a point of view and not meant to be an attack on anyone or anything

  2. Suggestion - Pay those with fast Connections to act as proxy servers

    How about this those with fast, fibre optic connections could be paid to allow part of their bandwidth to be used as proxy servers for the main Linden Labs servers while logged in, get paid by the hour or something like that?

    DSL connections probably would not be up to the load.


    Would it make SL run  at a crawl for them or could it be restricted to a certain amount of traffic, also the other issues I can think of are confidentiality and privacy.


  3. I help run a prison that does all you ask however it is not just an ordianry place. This is due to finding out the hard way that totally realistic was a traffic killer. Anyway its called Castle Rock Correctional


    What is on offer there is:

    1. Realistic

    2. BDSM only

    3. A mixture of 1 and 2.

    You are asked to list your hard limits so they are observed or draw attention to them before intake so they do not get missed.

  4. I am a slave but like one in the sense of the Ottoman Empire, I am not free and can be bought and sold at whim but I have a high rank and serve my owners in the tasks they ahve altoted me which is running an institution for them.


    My usual day is:


    Awake dress check the databses and arrest records, trial records, check the institution and once sure all is weel report to my my owner for whatever they want to do with me or to me.

  5. I agree with Dresedn there is now ay to prove we lsot anything anyway it was the potential that got lost in having to spend time sorting out the grefiers and then helping the person who volunteered to be the acutioneer get their avi fixed and getting all the scripts roooted ot of the sim that were hlding things up.


    Any way we raised a chunk of money for http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Home.aspx


    97,151 lindens worth so it was not smshed up totally


  6. Yesterday my group ran a charity fund raiser for a UK Cancer Charity the MacMillan Support


    A bunch of grefiers truned up and did their utmost to disrupt it, we kicked them.

    I have seen a lot of low actions on SL but for me this plumbs new depths this is so low it is hard for me to imagine what kind of gratification someone who is so scummy they feel they have to disrput even something that is been done to raise funds for a charity. 

    I suspect some of them will say there are bogus fund raisers out there and they are on some sort of self appointed vigilante disrupt those action, this lost just turned up and di dtheir best to mess things up they even used scripts on our equipment, wiped out the auctioneers avi, fortunately we retreived it but potentailly we could have lsot 5,500 lindens.

    What kind of scum are these people? are their lives so miserable they only way they can get gratificiation out of life is to mess things up for other people?


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