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  1. Hi, Another place to try is Sn@tch. Ivey makes amazing clothing and her clothing is punk/goth/club. She is one of the few that has mesh clothing I can wear since I won't change my shape for clothing or someone else And if you join her group she gives away free gifts all the time. Sapphire
  2. Hi Neal - You are looking good in the mesh And SF Designs is making mesh clothing and I believe some for men as well and if you join her group, she has 25L Monday Mania which offers really great outfits. I like the look of mesh but refuse to change my shape just to fit into clothing when I already have a bulging inventory *grins* Sapphire --||-
  3. Thank you so much Wiki. The dress is from Sn@tch - it was a new release this past week so should still be on her new release walls. It comes in lots of colors - she sells most of her designs in fatpacks which is awesome The bikini is from there too. She is one of my favorite SL designers.
  4. And here are my bikini shots - same designer as the Vampire Barbie Dress.
  5. Just got a new dress from one of my favorite designers Love the name! It's called Vampire Barbie and comes in lots of wonderful colors - so had to share...
  6. Wow Kylie - Good eye Yes, it is Willowdale. I have been on my parcel for almost 2 years now and she has offered to let me move to a different parcel that she has just finished landscaping. I told her I like mine and would stay there. She wasn't able to do as much upgrading as she would have liked since I have a home on the parcel but what she did is awesome.
  7. My wonderful sim owner did some upgrades on my parcel including a brand new waterfall with new landscaping and a really nice off sim rock formation
  8. Thank you for the compliment Randall and believe me, I would rather NOT sit home alone in SL. It just seems to happen that way and even when I do go to a club, I still tend to end up sitting alone. It can be quite frustrating. I have no idea what the problem is and have been trying to figure it out for a few years now. *shrugs with a sigh* Maybe it's because I don't dress like...well...to be polite, let us just say I cover most of my 'assets' Oh well...logging on to another night alone. Maybe I will stop by Fogbound this weekend
  9. Randall asked what my favorite piece of furniture was in my house. My answer is most of it because I tend to buy furniture that has solo poses since I spend a really large amount of my SL time alone So I need furniture I can sit on by myself. Like here
  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words - they are greatly appreciated. And yes that was Cinnamon by the door I took some pictures of my little cabin in the woods and want to share them with everyone.
  11. I am finally posting again since I got a new computer The old one was a Pentium 2 with an 80 gig HD and 550 megs or Ram. I have no clue how I could even move But now I have a new Acer Aspire (well ok a refurbished one) with a 640 GB HD, 4 GB of DDR Ram and an AMD Phenom processor along with a really great ATI Radeon HD graphics card. Who knew water sparkled in SL? I didn't Now I do. So I have been taking pics - still not as good as most on this thread but working on it. Went to Fogbound last night and guess who I saw? Randall. And yes, he is quite good looking in the flesh, so to speak. A
  12. All I can say is WOW - such amazing pictures. Makes mine seem almost amateurish by comparison. But I am going to post them anyway These are pictures of my Halloween costume. Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!
  13. Wildcat - that last picture is amazing. Very nice. All the pictures have been amazing. I was dressed up for a ball and decided to go to a free photo studio and take some pictures. I don't have photoshop or anything so these are what I took in SL but I had fun with them I look forward to more pictures Sapphire
  14. I have made it partway through the thread and the pictures that have been posted are amazing and wonderful. I have been trying to learn how to take better pictures in SL so am going to jump on the bandwagon and post a couple of my recent efforts. I am not sure how wonderful and amazing my pictures are but here they are anyway This is in front of my SL house on my lovely forested parcel This is in front of my home during a romantic evening with my partner and the fireflies for company. Can't wait to finish looking at the pictures. Sapphire
  15. Wow Hippie - great thread. Love hearing how everyone picked their names. And love them all Mine came from my AOL RP character (Yep - text based RP) Her name was Sapphire and her look as it has evolved here in SL came from that character and the pic I had for her in my AOL profile. As for the last name, I am a Wiccan/Pagan who is into herbology and healing and Hyssop is a healing plant so I found the closest thing here in SL which was Hissop. I have only met one other with the same last name as myself. I think I am coming up on...wow...4 years in January and I agree with others. The las
  16. Woohoo I figured out how to post pics from my visit to the Corn Field. I found some pretty autumn leaves to admire. Then I decided to wander around and found a really big television to watch. And some other really nice harvest themed decorations. I decided I needed a rest - wandering is hard work And I am kind of wondering about the one who left the bones behind...too much wandering or too many hiding in the corn rows? Hmmm...perhaps time to wander out Sapphire ETA: I figured out how to make a badge. Not bad for a first attempt. Thanks to Suella for her awesome tutorial. And
  17. Maya - Your home is absolutely gorgeous! And I love your new forum badge (Still need to make one for myself...I am just not good at certain things) Anyway...I digress. I understand what you are saying about privacy, etc but please don't toss all your hard work away because of it. Perhaps you need to live somewhere else that is more private. Ceka and Willow are offering assistance and help out of compassion, kindness and a gentleness of spirit. It is not 'weak' to accept that help. I live on a fabulous parcel that is on a sim with only 4 residents, me being one of the four. My sim own
  18. Thank you everyone for the great pictures and information about the Corn Field. I was not aware that it was open for Halloween but now that I do, I will be visiting. I am a Twilight Zone fan and hearing about the Corn Field was the thing that first gave me the idea of joining SL. I came to SL in 2008 so have never seen it but will go and take pics for Halloween. Thanks again and I will fnd out how to post pics to this forum. I hope Still trying to figure out the cool badge thing. All in good time I suppose. Thanks again - I am off to explore the Corn Field. Sapphire
  19. Candace Hudson (Hudson's) makes some awesome flowy gypsy type skirts. She has a great store in world plus her items can be found on the Marketplace. I have lots of her stuff Sapphire
  20. Hi Cinnamon - My 2 very favorite clothing designers in world are Sn@tch and Hudson's. I will sign in tonight and send you some landmarks since I am not in SL right now. Sn@tch is more goth/grunge/punk and she has some really nice stuff and some of it is very classy. I will not lie and say that all of it covers all body parts because some definitely shows the body But a really nice selection that runs the gamut and worth exploring. If you join her group she gives free gifts and she has outfits you can fish for as well. And definitely check out her bargain basement - some really nice stu
  21. *raises her hand shyly and bats her pretty blue eyes* Are you still giving the ship away Hippie? I would love one if you are - and maybe some suggestions on where to go to fly it? You are awesome and thanks in advance. Can't wait for Hippiestock II Sapphire
  22. Hello Pat - I will go with the majority here and tell you that yes, asking people to use a mic is rude. I personally HATE SL voice. I have it disabled in my system. I go to a club to listen to the music and usually the DJ talks through their stream so I can hear them when they announce the songs or thank people or even greet them. The rest of the time...well...I don't want to hear people coughing, playing with their mic, their kids in the background, their dog in the background, their roommate/partner/spouse/significant other in the background. I don't want to hear them belching or makin
  23. Imagin - It certainly does! Congratulations! It is a very well deserved honor. Being one of your residents for approximately the past year has been a wonderful experience and I absolutely love my parcel. Anyone that visits is always impressed by the wonderful landscaping and my waterfall I am very proud to be living on one of your sims and am so very happy you have received recognition for your very hard work! Sapphire
  24. I used to work at a club (which is now gone ) and the best name there was Itsalotta Gumbo
  25. *falls from her chair laughing and then sits back down wiping the tears from her eyes caused by laughing so hard* Do they even know how to cuddle in Gor???? I am sure they don't. Find yourself a nice RP sim where you will be treated with dignity, respect and even courtesy. Gor is definitely not the place for that especially if you are a female and a slave. I stay away from Gor because I speak my mind and would be branded, killed and booted within the first 5 minutes of me being there and that is a generous time estimate Honest...there are some really great RPers who are descriptive and
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