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  1. I never suspected it was a morph. Perhaps...
  2. No it can't be an app. It's something within SL. Hmm. My Lelutka head smile is rather creepy.
  3. Can you please tell me what device you use for the avatar smiles? Thanks!
  4. I've seen a lot of photos with avatars smiling. Is this a HUD?
  5. That's awesome. You mentioned the blender classes before. Where can I find this?
  6. Ah OK. Lots of building.... You did fantastic!
  7. Coby, all your pics are beautiful! I know you made a few changes as you've gone along. Where is this final balcony from? Love it!
  8. I love these. Can I ask where your barn and animals are from?
  9. Maybe their meeting is about creating a wait list. (I can dream!). I can generally catch release times, but I feel bad for people who have no chance due to work or time zones.
  10. Eliza Mint

    Female AO

    I'm hoping to find a new female AO. Ideally I just need some stand options that are "calm"- no excessive feet movement, no whirling around, no constant movement causing my hands in break into my clothes and body. Any good store suggestions?
  11. No home yet. Every day, I tell myself that I'm ok without one. Next thing I know I'm refreshing the page.... just to see. I wish there was a waiting list. I guess my clicky finger is just not fast enough to click that teeny acceptance box on Page 2. I've missed about 7 so far.
  12. That sounds like the best workaround I'm going to get! Thank you Whirly!!
  13. It would be wonderful to hide/unhide inventory folders. I'm well organized with all essentials to the top of my inventory, but it's be even better to omit items from view.
  14. Yes I've done that. Wouldn't hiding folders be better? A girl can hope, I guess....
  15. Is there anyway to hide folders in your inventory? I'm still holding onto some older items, but would rather not see them in my everyday search. Can I hide them, until I want them?
  16. Saw the magic word, clicked it. ERROR SCREEN. Not "you missed it". I go back, it's still there! Wow! Clicked it. ERROR. Repeat 10x until locked out. Am I getting closer? lol
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