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  1. I never suspected it was a morph. Perhaps...
  2. No it can't be an app. It's something within SL. Hmm. My Lelutka head smile is rather creepy.
  3. Can you please tell me what device you use for the avatar smiles? Thanks!
  4. I've seen a lot of photos with avatars smiling. Is this a HUD?
  5. That's awesome. You mentioned the blender classes before. Where can I find this?
  6. Ah OK. Lots of building.... You did fantastic!
  7. Coby, all your pics are beautiful! I know you made a few changes as you've gone along. Where is this final balcony from? Love it!
  8. I love these. Can I ask where your barn and animals are from?
  9. Maybe their meeting is about creating a wait list. (I can dream!). I can generally catch release times, but I feel bad for people who have no chance due to work or time zones.
  10. Eliza Mint

    Female AO

    I'm hoping to find a new female AO. Ideally I just need some stand options that are "calm"- no excessive feet movement, no whirling around, no constant movement causing my hands in break into my clothes and body. Any good store suggestions?
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