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  1. That Lion King edit is awesome
  2. I have one of the CATWA bento heads. For me, customizing the face was fairly easy, although it does not look exactly how my originaly avatar looked- it was close enough in that I was satisfied and happy with the result. As Chase01 said, hitting "edit" on your shape, going to the head sliders, and adjusting the sliders to your liking would be the way to go.
  3. Originally when I started Second Life, I was just an explorer and not really active in the roleplay community. When I wanted a horse to ride on, I created an alt that was just a horse (I loved how the horse avatars moved with the riding systems), and got into the Equestrian RP community. My alt horse avatar has a backstory, and now my main (this one) has a backstory for the Equestrian RP community. That backstory, however stays within the Equestrian Roleplays that I partake in if that makes sense. You can say that Ash is somewhat an extension of me, in that I tried to make her look similar to my RL self and she loves horses (although she owns my alt and I partake in riding lessons.)
  4. I just tped to the place in world; it should be there. The designer name is Capall, I believe? If you type in kot horse in the search engine, it should pop up as the first result. It would be listed at KOT Horse Stables. I hope this helps, somewhat? EDIT: Type kot horse in the search engine located in game, I mean.
  5. Try the horses at KOT Stables. They are beautifully animated, and their movement is fluid as far as riding goes! They do cost about 3000L I think, but they are well worth the price. The only small compromise you might have to make with them, is making yourself taller. There is a demo at KOT, to try before you buy. Give them a go, and see how you like them.
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