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  1. I find this annoying and the fix i use is break the mesh down into smaller parts, you can still upload your mesh as one upload but it will calculate the hulls of each seperate part and will exceed the limits I've uploaded meshes with 500 hulls but because the individual parts don't exceed the limit it calculate fine and uploads hope this helps P.s dont forget to make the parts closed meshes ie: if you have a wall make sure it's not just 2 planes side by side make them into a box thats connected on all sides or you'll screw up the physics
  2. Hi I'm having an issue with the camera when walking inside my mesh model, the camera jolts from the normal position to close up behind the head as I walk around it, I have disable camera contraints selected but this makes no difference, my ceiling heights are 5m and this has been ok with prim models thanks for any help Mary xx
  3. That will teach me to look harder lol sorry found my answer here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Mesh-upload-physics-selection/td-p/1772915 strange glitch I hope they fix it for all those that need iCloud ,luckily I don't need it so removing it was not a problem for me
  4. Hi :) is it just me that's getting this ,I have tried removing all traces of SL from my computer and clean reinstalled, every time I go to upload a mesh and add my own physics file to it hangs and the analyse button never becomes selectable the only way lately I can add physics to a mesh is to choose one of the presets (High, Med, Low , Lowest) (this has worked fine before) any ideas appreciated
  5. Thanks yay now I can test again ,Merry Christmas to you all
  6. Have Linden Labs shut down all of the beta grid sandboxes ? for the last week I log onto the beta grid open the world map and search "sandbox" and it doesn't find any at all ,whats the point of a test grid if I cannot test any of my builds :(
  7. All sandboxes on the test grid have disappeared for me ,I go to the world map and search sandbox and it doesn't find any. What is the point of a test grid that I cannot test any of my builds on? no wonder as time has gone by this year I see less and less people on the main grid
  8. First thing i always did ,was make myself a cupa and logon to the SL website and scroll through the recent general discussion pages ,ah well guess i don't need to log onto this website anymore all the fun has gone out of it ,bad move Linden
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