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  1. Let's see. 1) Using a throwaway account to ask questions about uploading stolen assets: check 2) Using an alt as a sock puppet: check 3) Threatening with "MY LAWYER!": check 4) "DIE": check 5) Language: check 6) Language obscured with white spaces in an attempt to "hide" it: check You scored 6/6, congratulations. You seem very eager to find out how much it takes to feel Linden Lab's ban hammer.
  2. Two things: 1) The fuzzy search is way too fuzzy. While on the positive side it seems that now at least category names aren't included any more, searching for "hooves" now not only yields items of creators with a last name of "Hoof", but also anything with "hood" in the description. 2) Searches in subcategories are STILL not working. You're always being kicked back to the top level and results are shown for ALL subcategories rather than the one you were in when starting the search. This is trivial to fix and I really fail to understand why it has never been done.
  3. @Maleficent Munster: It was obviously taken at ROCHE (44, 216, 23)
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