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  1. Repeat this mantra for prim clothing and accessories, "No Modify equals No Buy!" That's right, if it cannot be modified, don't buy it. Why? Because if an Item cannot be sized to fit your Avi it is useless. Resize scripts can help but they often fail to resize properly and the scripts lag you and everyone around you. Sure, once sized via script, you can delete the scripts but know this: Often, not all the scripts are actually removed still making lag. Also, God help you if you ever resize your avi after deleting the script...you are out of luck unless the item is copy. Thus, if a scripted item is copy, ALWAYS make copies before messing with the scripts or deleting them. No Copy is often a deal breaker and is a 100% deal breaker if the item is no mod too. Many content creators make things no mod because they don't want you changing "Their precious design." I say bullocks to that, for once I pay good money for it it is mine to do with it as I please (as long as I don't try to resell). Imagine if RL had rules like this in that you could never repaint your car, or add a patch to your clothing or turn old jeans into cut-offs? This is exactly what many content creators think the way it should be. This is simply arogance paired up with insecurity. Remeber, it is your money. Once you buy it, it is your item. Unless you actually enjoy being told what you can do with what you payed good money for, never buy a No Mod item. Ever. If the vender doesn't list permissions, assume it is No Copy and No Cod until proven otherwise and don't buy it. If the vender has a "Buy" option as opposed to a simple "Pay" option, you can view the individual items you are interested in and see their permissions and decide your purchase accordingly. "Pay" options never list the individual contents, so never confirm such a transaction unless the item is listed Mod (and prefferably Copy). If you get misled into buying an item listed as Mod and it turns out it isn't, ask for a refund. If they refuse to refund or give you a mod version, AR them for scamming, for deliberately misrepresenting and false advertising for profit is a scam. I may be sounding very harsh towards merchants, but over the years I have lost more good $$Linden$$ to this issue than any other. No Mod = No buy. Pass it on.
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