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  1. Hi, You need to wear the stylemode hud - then click on the image of the mesh head in the HUD a box comes up with skintone and styles . Choose styles choose the little flower on the bottom of the list that should bring up the skin you purchased click on the skin and it is applied. Best, Jen
  2. There is a phat azz group you can ask about the gap. And why such a response from haters of the phat azz - what in the world gets you so opinionated when sl is full of all kind of avatars, humanoid, animal or a mix? Who cares if anyone wears mesh attachments or wears a hamster avatar?
  3. Hmmm.....I was unable to connect to voice at my work computer either. We have a big fat university internet connection and I have a brand new I7 computer. The only 2 constants were the anti-virus - Corporate Edition Symanec. This morning I wake up - log into SL at home and have voice available on SL Viewer as well as Firestorm. I come to work and log in - voice chat available. Symantec issues? Maybe?
  4. No longer able to connect to slvoice - uninstalled viewer - tried to download new SL viewer- symantec wouldn't allow it- turned off symantec- downloaded viewer- added it and slvoice as exceptions. Still unable to connect to slvoice. No error messages - just tells me to wait under the device preferences. Allowed download of Firestorm and Catznip - grrrrr. I can run all viewers but unable to connect to voice. Skype and my streaming service all work. Any ideas? Reset router I can tracert to vivox.com - Thanks!
  5. one week with this modem - so far so good - dj'ing 3 sets last week with no fails. Wish I could find a more robust one - but this will have to do for the meantime.
  6. Bought a new dsl modem today at Best Buy - Actiontec gt784wn-01...it works with HTTP textures. (fingers crossed) About 65$ US. Probably can be found cheaper online.
  7. Thanks - no doubt cost cutting (the modes operendi of our times) - but do we know what ADSL modem/routers that work? I'm not bound to use their modem - but I hate throwing hundreds of dollars at hardware that may not work. As for testing - hmm not sure I have the time.
  8. Provided by my ISP Combo dsl modem/wirfi router Zhone 1518-a1-NA-0cl Rev. A1 dated 2011
  9. Will do when I get home this evening. Best, Jen
  10. The Catznip team member said LL is changing it - so maybe not an issue in the future. I hate throwing money at hardware that i don't need.
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