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  1. And another question... 4) What about introducing a new "currency", e.g. you have to mine for something like "diamonds" and can then use them in the gacha to get a random item, as long as no payment of L$ is necessary in the process?
  2. Not sure if this has been asked already... if so, it could be interesting for the FAQ maybe ^^ 1) Is it still allowed to give out random items as a result of payment if their chances and approximate vaules are the same? I guess not, since it's hard to verify. 2) Is it allowed to sell gacha or random item giver scripts, as long as they offer a method of using them "legally", e.g. without payment, but also offering soon-to-be "illegal" options, or do the latter options have to be removed from the scripts? I already made my Raffle script conforming a while ago, and I guess I need to change other scripts as well now... 3) As long as you see exactly what you get when you pay, e.g. on a Lucky Chair that requires payment, I assume that is ok, even tho some luck is involved with your letter being drawn?
  3. Yes, of course you are right, I am terribly terribly sorry.
  4. Works for me again as well. Thank you for asking and maybe it was an oops, who knows.... happens ^^ @Kacey Delicioso It was not an SHX issue because other scripts requesting stream info also didn't work. The streams themselves worked, but not the stream info (if requested by script, i.e. from an SL server IP, not a user client IP... because the latter also worked). And it was only streams from this stream provider as far as I know (and maybe only a few), so assuming it was something on their side was justified. It was definitely no SHX issue and no USER ERROR. And announcing song titles in chat is not a feature of all viewers btw.
  5. Thank you for asking. The cause remains unknown, though. What's the actual difference between the stream that works and the others, apart from public/private? Or, what effect does public/private have in regards to answering an HTTP request? And even then: why did it suddenly stop working? (Not blaming or pressuring you, just curious what caused it.)
  6. Do you know if the other streams work on those boards, too? I can access classicrock109 just fine with my script, but not the other ones. Would be interesting to see whether they work or not on the boards. They do work from a browser.
  7. I don't think that public/private setting has any relevance here. Getting the stream info in a browser works, getting it in SL doesn't. Both send a HTTP request including the URL and some headers before. Additionally, the "client" IP is different (actual client IP in case of browser, some SL server IP otherwise). So the logical conclusion would be that something is blocked on the server side, either by IP or something in the headers, probably user-agent or another header indicating the request is coming from SL. Maybe ask the datacenter, especially if they have done something like that in the past already?
  8. I tried it too and don't even seem to get a reply at all anymore. Edit: After I setup my script to not try Shoutcast v2 first, but v1 imeediately, I now get the same error response as you. Possible other reasons why it doesn't work in SL could be: additionally sent headers, so the request becomes to large and is rejected by the server SL being blocked by user agent - previously it was possible to spoof the user agent, but not anymore and maybe the server owner blocked requests coming from SL for their sheer amount (not sure if Chuckles Orfan has any influence on that, maybe onbly on the Shoutcast server) Edit: (I meant when you could add the User-Agent header manually, not via HTTP_USER_AGENT) @West Habercom Shoutcast v2 includes a fallback to the v1 reply (7.html) for a while now. First, they didn't have that (only JSON or XML replies), but apparently added it because many devices only supported v1 back then. So even if the server is running v2, using 7.html should still be possible.
  9. That's great news, thank you very much :-)
  10. For me, it wasn't popular products at all, so I doubt this is what was triggering it. 3 of them were rather new and the other one had only 12 sales so far. However, they've all been in the same category and were also related products. Other related products that were almost the same and also listed at the same day were not affected, only the variants that included the same script were. Since I didn't lose any reviews and only a few sales, I relisted them several times - now without adding any keywords, they've stayed and were not unlisted anymore. Since the 4 items with the same script also had similar keywords, I do think that has something to do with it... For people like Casper this would be no solution, of course. However, reselling all the items to get the numbers back is no solution either. It's good that we can get the items back with reviews and numbers intact - thank you for this! - but it would be great if we were told the cause of the issue eventually (once it's clear what it is and once it's fixed if the knowledge could be abused). And one question: Is it ok to not get the old listings restored via support and instead keep the relisted items? As said above, I didn't lose much, so I'd rather save me and support the time for the recovery and relisting. Unless the old items are somehow lingering and could affect the new listings. I doubt that, but since we don't know the root cause, it would be good to know that the manually relisted items are safe.
  11. I don't think it's that because I renamed almost all of my listing names (adding FULL PERM) to the name, and only 4 were unlisted, and only for one of them I didn't change the name. Now I wonder whether I should file a ticket, too... I already relisted the items manually and there were no reviews on them yet. Did you (any of you) have to mention the listing IDs or did LL find out themselves which ones to restore?
  12. Ok, I admit, that first made me chuckle... but I think, there is a slight difference between a company that offers a service used by thousands of customers, some of which pay for it, and ensure its smooth operation - and a hobby scripter (however professional his work might be) who is on his own and has got a RL and didn't even break these things himself... But also LL consists of real people (yes, I heard) and mistakes happen and they are working on it, even if we don't hear much. And yes, this issue is a pain in the ass and I can understand anyone who is upset, especially if selling in SL adds to their necessary RL income or if there's much work involved to relist all these items... And don't forget that LL contacted Saii and he came back and fixed the boards in a matter of one day or so...
  13. Is the unlisting still happening for others? My 4 relisted items are still there, albeit without filled out Features and Keywords, so it would be good to know if they are there because of that or because it's not happening at all anymore...
  14. As I wrote above, it seems to me that relisting without making it active yet or relisting without adding keywords might work. Whether it's a good idea in case of a potential rollback or recovery of the lost listings by other means is another story... Did they give you no hint what to do.. except "sit back and wait"?
  15. I have relisted one of my items once again, but without adding features/description/keywords, but set it active and also opened the MP listings window in the viewer. The item is still there after hours - and so are my items that are inactive, but with features/description/keywords. So my guess is as follows: - something in features/keywords triggers this - it can't be the description because I use the exact same description in 2 other listings that are still there - the listing needs to be active - opening the MP listings window is not the cause - it can even happen without being online - other items listed on the same region at that same time are not affected - so the region also doesn't matter - since many media-related listings are affected, it appears logical they also used similar keywords If I could comment on any of the Jira issues, I would, but I dunno who I have to bribe to be able to do that :-)
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