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  1. 022313 2F SGBMR Season Pass.png

    Moulin Rouge live today at 6 pm slt, presented by Showgirls & Burlesque!. The company brings to the stage its rendition of Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge. Show every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm. Welcome to Moulin Rouge!

    Find the Season Pass in the Balboa Theater posters and audience set, Rez the Season Pass in world and touch for the Balboa Theater LM's and the Show's Season 2013 Booklet! You can IM Alma Fushikizoh or Blysse Biondi in world for a pass as well! See you there!


  2. Kitty Poster2.png

    Kitty Zeddmore returns to our stage at 8 pm. Every Friday at this time we are privileged to have her on our stage @ BIRDLAND. Her voice and her trumpet are always mesmerizing and a pleasure to Jazz lovers @ the Bird.

    Kitty has been singing and playing trumpet most of her life and SL made it possible for her to become a performer and share her unique talent. Along with the Jazz song book, she improvises on the trumpet and both plays and sings in various songs.

    Birdland is a FORMAL Jazz venue.

    Birdland Jazz Club & Lounge SLUR here!


  3. ProfShowbiz Poster L small.png

    The Professor debuts on our stage this evening, becoming a Friday regular singer @ Birdland!
    Professor Showbiz 's fun and energetic shows leave your venue's patrons entertained. His shows are full of humor, fun and "smarntastic" attitude. The Professor believes in interacting and connecting with the audience so they are engaged and a part of the show.
    Birdland is a FORMAL Jazz venue.

    Birdland Jazz Club & Lounge SLUR here!


  4. Dilah Poster R.png

    Dilah Halostar sings and plays the piano LIVE @ the Bird every Monday at 8 pm! We are proud to have her among our regular live artists! Birdland is a FORMAL Jazz venue. Birdland SLUR here.

    Dilah began piano lessons at the age of seven. She discovered that she had an ability and a passion for music. She studied through high school to become a music major in college. While in college she participated in theatrical productions from opera to variety shows before joining a road band and beginning her real life musical education. Versed in most types of music she enjoys Blues and Jazz standards in SL. Funny, (at least she thinks so) warm and passionate she lights up the stage with her voice and talent as piano player.


  5. A regular and EXCLUSIVE singer @ the Bird, Jackie Lefko is at home here. Jazz runs in her veins and it's in her bones and soul. We are privileged to have her on stage twice a week, exclusively @ Birdland.
    As a native New Yorker, Jackie started singing at a young age in her church in Brooklyn. When her family moved to North Carolina during her last years in high school, she performed in a singing group along with her Sister and a friend. They were in high demand performing popular Motown girl group tunes and some soft rock.
    Jazz and Blues became part of her song list as she matured and her voice is vibrant and soulful.

    Jackie sings EXCLUSIVELY @ Birdland every Saturday and Tuesday at 7 pm SLT.

    Birdland is a formal attire Jazz Club.

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