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  1. I'd totally be into a dark/dystopian/cyberpunk kind of thing.... a cross between Blade Runner and Shadow Run... yeah!!!!!!!!
  2. Welcome to the Elements of Ezari!!! We are a new fantasy sim, looking for dedicated RP'ers who would like to join in the fun and chaos of story driven role play. We have created a delightful integrated sim to facilitate the stories of those who dare to join us. From a city to country, woods bright and dark, a desert and beneath the waves; Our sim itself lends to the weaving of your plot lines and provide a home for you. We have our own custom Fantasy Lore; Good, Neutral and Evil, all for your entertainment. If you wish to be a part of our Universe, please join the website and fill
  3. My friend is unable to see the land as anything but grey. His basic library textures aren't loading... how do we fix this?
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