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  1. Same here. Updated driver and freaked out when all mesh got invisible. Tried 14.9 driver workarond and got mesh, but no shadows. Did some digging on my pc and found 14.4 drivers (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c7171099.inf_amd64_neutral_4e1498617e0336e7\B171094), copied atig6txx.dll, atigktxx.dll, atio6axx.dll, and atioglxx.dll to viewer folder and now it works like a charm and every other game runs on the latest drivers. Seems like every driver post 14.4 is worse and worse for SL
  2. I had the same problem. If you are using Max Slav plugin, mesh scale issue may be caused by wrong setting of scale in Slav plugin window. Here is a workflow that works for me: - in Max Slav set scale to 1.00 and make rig - resize rig to SL avatar size with scale gizmo at 0,0,0 world coordinates - add skin modifier to your object - in Advanced Parameters set bone affect limit to 26 - Edit envelopes, add ALL bones to your object - Select > Vertices > (pick only one random vert and open Weight Tool) > weight ALL bones to 1.0 one by one - proceed with rigging as usual - Upload m
  3. I love those foot pedals! I was thinking about buying one or pair of them, but only after I give up on my idea of modifying gamepad (oversizing it) to use it as foot switch. And I love Autohotkey, too! I can't believe you haven't mentioned it, Torley, I use it ALL the time. Combining those two would be awesome for games and applications. Right now I'm thinking of making autohotkey script that orbits camera around avatar or object, just like holding ctrl+alt or alt+moving mouse, but without user needing to move mouse around. Kind of like what orbit tool in Autocad works like. Next thing I would
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