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  1. 6855 prim's 19200sm for anything and everything you might like to build adult  ratting asking price $115.392 Lind,s 6.01 x sm or best reasonable offer, work on any kind of deal for  wet land ,or tell me what  u offering as partial payment. Owner (Me) not in need of money but because I have other lots and parcels I'm not using this one ,so why having it? contact me in world Thank you 

    *****(((((ANGRY FACES ))))))*****NOT MINE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woobin/193/150/25


  2. FULL SIM  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantsasy%20Islands/160/239/24  FOR  SALE

     TIER GOOD TILT 8/9/2015



    SEND A NOTECAR  IM GETS  CAPPED................

    Normal price from Linden store is $1000, that's why there's a market here for the already-set-up sims.+ $295 USD Tier

     SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this is a problem I have been having  and I still don't understand why and how or wish is correct , this is confusing and stressful

    furthermore, when I buy a  parcel of  land   shows that my  amount will still 195.00 for my tier but when I check my summary fees shows 390.00 monthly tier fees, can someone tell me how to resolve this  issue and  how this works and why this is happen  because I don't know  wish amount to rely on. thank you

     OK I understand that , but what I don't understand is , that when Im buying a land   the buy land  shows me that  buying it  will not  change my 195.00 but  the summary amount still showing much more than that,is kind of cofusing  and  misunderstanding  why,, and by the way  I know the numbers but   when anyone call  to  get an answer concerning account billing  money  etc,  financial issues , takes for ever  and none  knows  nothing  and them  request  us to fill a ticket that takes  weeks to  be  answer with none  explanation of why this is  happening

    Im of course otherwise I coulnd  buy land,  and I have try that as well and same  answer    file a ticket ,  but now Im relaizing  that none  really knows a thing about it because  what Im  asking is an answer someone to explain  how to avoid  and correct that  to happen again , but obviously none knows   either

  4. I understand  that the cost of  a system like SL its not cheap but anyway I strongly belive and I bet lots of people think the same way as well, that due to the global economic and the hardship most of us are going thru this time ,SL needs to re adjuste themselves and low their  land tie prices as well as  the marketplace cost of placing an store or items as well,  at least thitl the  economic rases again and that way  we all can  enjoy and contributing  to keep this magnificent game alive because some landlords of sims thta have been in sl for as long as  sl dose exist  are  packing their  lifes and leaving the bussines, as well as store owners , we all need to do something about it,, is not the matter of making lots of money instead  helpping  people to be more creative and keep the good people in the game, SL ,please as same as you we all suffering for the same  trauma of economic issues , hel us all and help yourselves to  make people feeling better and lets all work together , ties are too much money, thanks and I hope this will open the eyes of the good people in charge of SL thankj you ,,,,

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