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  1. Not really. pretty much what I said. Mainly since some clothes I seen, uses the SL body textures, but they are just lower body as pants. Unless they transfer the UV information from the SL body over to the clothes they made. Mainly lookin for some good direction on making mesh clothes for sell on SL.
  2. Don't know if this fits in the building or fashion, but a small question is, where do one start on making mesh clothes. I seen some things on sale that just take the existing SL body, reupload it and throw their own textures on, claiming as they made it. Like taking the body, deleting the top and only uploading the pants part with textures. I also seen some that make it by hand, so I don't know which is a 'legal' way on doing it.
  3. Even if you went to a different sim or something? Only time I heard issue like that, are either network issue, sim issue, or low texture cache limit, (ie some people fill your limit up)
  4. I have the free option for the normal vender, but mainly lookin for something I had with Hippovend, which is, when I push an update out, I throw it in a box and it'll send it out to everyone that has a script in it. I liked it since all I have to do it is change one number in item script, delete the old one from the box and throw the new one in the box. No need to log in and such. <.<
  5. Since Hippo are down, there any other services that don't cost 1400L? I only have two items so far that used the update and I don't see spending THAT much for it. <_<
  6. I have this mesh tail I did a few years ago. I tried to rigged it to the bento shape, but when I tried to export it, Maya just crashes or just locks up.. I can export it normally, but I can't export it via bento... So I don't know if me moving the tail bento joints out is causing it.. or could be tail...
  7. I did some more playing around, but the rotation is still giving me a head-ache. It is hard for it and myself to tell, where is the face is looking, when it moves.
  8. It means if it detects an agent, it goes to it. If that agent is out of the area, it clears out and goes back walking aimlessly. It can only detect one agent so far. It is justan alpha script on trying to get the basic on how it should work.. Well in theory...
  9. With bugs in a heavy script, makes you want to rip your hair out. Most difficult part is avoiding those hang ups on weird collisions that SL throws on old school prims and scupties. Mmm, never really thought of RC. llGroundSlope(), never heard of that before. Rotations are always gave me a me a headache
  10. That is most difficult part. Idea I was working on is that it walks around within an area. Once an agent gets in that area, it runs to it. If the agent gets out of the area of the object, it goes back walking around aimless, waiting for another agent come into the contain spot. If that makes sense. I was thinking on Pathfinding, but don't know how well that'll work for what I'm trying to do.
  11. I am working on this little project that the mesh item moves around aimless with in a confine area. Main core is using the llMoveToTarget line and the X and Y positions are base off a random float + the orginal pos. The thing I am having issue is rotations and make it where it doesn't have issue moving up/down slopes. Rotations always been my weakness.
  12. I use Maya 2017 and I have some old body templates that most likey don't work. Since the new hype around Bento, is there an updated of a default male and female shapes with Bento, or some form of limbs rig file to do so. I know this may sound stupid.
  13. Mmm...I think I might pass on Designer for now, since I need to play around with Painter. o: Was also wonderin if anyone else use it too, but thanks for the link.
  14. I have Substance Painter already and Designer is on sale, via Steam Summer Sale. I am lookin for getting Designer too, but the question is. Will Substance Designer help me out on texturing work and those who have either or both programs, how can I use it to get what I need for Second Life? I know I have to export the textures and I think I have it set, but when I make a new project, it gives me a template. Just wonderin if anyone who has it, can you help me or point me to some form of a tutorial?
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