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  1. The just sits here and swirls indefinatly for me
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/QMRNA%202/24/16/17 this place has 75 bots or alts or something 24X7 and is top of the rankings why is htis permitted?
  3. There are huds that will let u grab a unseated avi in a push enabled sim and move it at will, also if u hit an avi with a large high speed prim you can move it in a non push sim FYI.. SItting is one fo the best defences in so for many things
  4. typically when ONE of my avis wont load properly and i go through the bakefail proceedure with no results, i delete the folder for that avi from my secondlife install, because all aaccounts share everything but that folder
  5. I also have experienced this in the last few days.. it goes through the process and then POOF the giftee gets nothing
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