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  1. Can any one place this build? it is next to a Linden road, I looks like a small community building. a church hall or comunity centre it has a notice board rows of seating and a stage with a scripted curtain (sculpty i think) that can be raied for an hour using a switch in the rings. I find it.
  2. nods probably a trap disable RLV or login using a non RLV vewer then detach all. if rlv is enabled it wont allow you to remove certain items such as gags bindings and blindfolds. i would guess this is one of those blindfolds.
  3. As I recall these ticket options are only available to premium members Is that thee problem?
  4. AS I understand this is a problem ith the way those viewers handle the new Physics Layer, and I think the latest phoenix is fixed.
  5. everyn now and then I think an imporved avatar mesh for the paying members would be a real incentive.
  6. Poeople have been converting for a while. for example http://botgirl.blogspot.com/2011/04/why-i-dumped-my-personal-facebook.html here is how http://sayingitsocial.com/how-to-convert-your-facebook-personal-profile-to-a-business-page/ To create a Fictional charcter from scratch rather than converting: Go to Face book If Logged In Log out Click on create Page link right at bottom of Sign up Page. On create a page Click on Artist, Band or Public Figure select Fictional character option. Follow instructions from there.
  7. It is not unusual for someone to cut their parcel out of spite before abandoning it. People get upset when they realise they can't recoup their 10 or 15 or 20 Linden/Meter purchase price and that's even if they got on with their neighbours. If abandoned cuts are going to be quickly automatically offered for resale. Adcutters are going to see it as a way of getting round the restrictions on Ad cutting.
  8. Pussycat a Linden outlined the proposed new system to me last year. I thought then that what he outlined was not going to work. but until it was more than a vague outline. there was little we could do.
  9. The guy who put out the Spinning ads removed them as soon as Melodie pointed out that they broke the TOS and I gather was amenable. I suspect that's why the ones that you had reported disappeared Qie, rather than because the Lindens had acted to remove them.
  10. yeah you had to hit jack over the head to get him to take notice but at least he was there.
  11. Created a JIra https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6963
  12. this is bad there are other similar plots l around that area. If this practice becomes common place. Then all the work Lindens have done on the mainland will be for nothing. They need a much more robust algorithm for deciding what goes on auto sale, It should have a minimum size. and area to perimeter ratio.
  13. if an AR has not been responded to in a timely Manner put in a ticket, use the selection Feedback complaint about support. ... governance team. give the details of when and where you filed the AR and ask for further action.
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