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  1. If a profile is spouting hatred that is inciting even more hatred, is this in any way a violation of TOS? Kit Breen
  2. Firestorm version ( As for experimentation to fix the problem, as you well know intermittent ones are the hardest to track down. Right now I am not seeing it.
  3. I'm using the latest Firestorm on an almost new iMac (a 4 core i5), without any virus protection as it really has never been all that necessary with Macs. Clearing cache, as I said, works temporarily. I really don't know if pipelining is involved.
  4. I'm having recurring texture problems. I'm seeing random rainbows for all kinds of different textures. Sometimes it's landscaping, and sometimes it is buildings. If I clear my cache it goes away, but will likely crop up again with my next log in. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. My landlord says that I need to "deed to group" a radio that I've placed in my house, in order for it to work. I've never heard that phrase before. What does it mean? Well I did it and it still doesn't work but thanks for your information. Thanks, Kit
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