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  1. I wasn't knocking the items, just the concept that flexibility wasn't there. The invisibility button mentioned is a fab idea, since the big benefit of being premium is ownership of land for businesses, and being able to build/do maintenance/deal with issues without a thousand peeps tapping your IM box is a very welcome idea to several of my friends.
  2. I've been playing SL for a long time, tho not on this avvie... since, 2005? So have seen a lot of changes. A lot of the new things offer things people say "Wouldn't it be cool if..." but really don't allow for flexiablity in a world built on the concept of "you can do anything". Example: The Linden houses are a no go for a lot of people. I'd considered one to hold small classes and newbie get togethers, but then discovered I wasn't allowed to rent it out, or hold any type of event there. And, while I realize people put thought and time and effort into them.... I thought they were awkward and ugly. Example: New furn pack is non mod. Some things I'd like to see that might lure me back into a Premium: Bring back the 512. I didn't live on it, but I had my shop set up on it, and then I gave the land to someone else and guess what? They still have their shop on it. No upload fees. Or a set limit of so many free ones a month. The new sandboxes are nice, but yes, some Mature and Adult ones would be good. Increased stipand. Lastly, this is a big one as I lost two avvies this way, due to RL issues, that had hundreds of USD invested in inventory, AVATAR PROTECTION! I had (twice) premium accounts that had buildings and textures and gobs what else in their inventory that because of RL issues (one a car accident that had me strapped to a bed for nine months) couldn't make payments on and didn't have access to change. Both of them were wiped from the system after X amount of months. My freebie accounts tho? Still active. If someone invested in an account it is more than likely they invested a lot more in what was on the account, and deleting them so they can't ever, ever be retreived has me SCARED to have a premium ever again. And it is more than likely they will pay their past due when they can to get it all back, and strikes me as unfair that a free account is safer than someone who paid LL for (in my case) for over a year, teir and account. Sincerely, Kit 
  3. I figured LL had some basis for the numbering system and maybe someone knew it....*crosses fingers*
  4. Does anyone know the formula (if there is one) that the avatar shape sliders correspond with as far as real life measurements? Such as a 19 inch head is 19 on the sliders? (It isn't as far as I can tell)
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