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  1. I restarted my viewer and it appears that it may be working now! Yay! Two parcels have given me music. I'll be trying it out on more next. Thank you!!
  2. I"m assuming the parcel's stream is online, I keep getting messages in my local chat "Now Playing:" and the song name/artist?
  3. Ok! We're getting closer! I switched that back to "default" and it got all the sounds/ambient stuff working again! But still no parcel streams are working. So, what's next?
  4. Ok thanks, I rebooted this morning. Firestorm showed up for a little bit on my "volume mixer" dialog box in Window 10 but at some point disappeared. But regardless there's still no sound. No parcel sound, no ambients, etc. What do I try next?
  5. I'm using the latest Firestorm viewer. I used to be able to hear sounds. Ambient noises, streaming tunes (dj's, parcel music, etc) when I turned those on too. Now I can't hear anything. I've had a couple friends trying to help me get it working. We've seemingly exhausted all the more common causes. Are there some that aren't as common that maybe my friends wouldn't have know about? Also, Firestorm used to show up in my Windows 10 "volume mixer" dialog box, but it's not there any more. Just "SLPLUGINS" in numbers ranging from zero to 4 or so. I'm not sure if that's why I can't he
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