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  1. When the teen grid was actually a separate thing, "g" on the main grid was somewhat flexible. (The assumption at the time was that everyone on the adult grid were ACTUAL adults.) Once the teen grid got rolled into the main, though - that's when "g" rules started getting more strict.
  2. Setting a home point in a location other than the landing point, and then "teleporting home" will bypass that still.
  3. Google has an outage today. (I realize that may not be affecting the failure with Yahoo.) One of the other email services I use reports that: "A catastrophic failure at Gmail is causing emails sent to Gmail to permanently fail and bounce back. The error message from Gmail is the following: 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist." Translation for the non-techies: This is interpreted as a permanent failure, which means automatic retries won't happen. (That is a standard practice for handling permanent failures.)
  4. I've seen #2 and #10 pretty often enough, but since it's like a 2-second workaround, they're minor issues for me compared to things like group chats not working. Firestorm has its own support team. Other TPV's usually have SOME level of support somewhere, even if it's not inworld. But LL has made it plain in the past that they don't support TPV's, so...not much point in complaining here on the forums about them, lol.
  5. Word HAS been going out - not only to the CasperTech group itself, but also FROM any merchants who are also in the CasperTech group (Fallen Gods, for example, sent out some notices about that, because I saw them when I logged in) and at least the SL commerce merchants group and one of the other groups I'm in have also passed the word along. There is an official facebook post (link posted by @Jules Catlyn after the post I'm quoting) so please do keep an eye on that if you want to stay updated without having to be inworld. (That post is also publically viewable by anyone who's not logged in
  6. At least some merchants did sent out notices, and I know the word has gotten passed around to a few other inworld groups. The facebook post (linked above by @Jules Catlyn ) will have the latest updates, so you won't need to be inworld to see what's going on (and for those who don't log in to facebook, it IS publically viewable, as well.)
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