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  1. Since then, I got a better, faster laptop, better graphics card. I can take pictures & not cringe at them.
  2. Aww, nice of you to do for others when they are new or etc!!?
  3. Fab idea!!! Give discounts on land that is reasonable in size!!! Don't charge a arm & leg for it?
  4. I have like 3 chairs out in my free home lol She sleeps on the floor or the chairs. Why, too busy trying to get my av fixed haha Yup, strange one I am giggles
  5. Keep up with the great work!!? & Thank youuuuuuuu This will be at great use when I need this kind of scrip!!!
  6. Now that's pretty nifty to have!! Keep up the good work ❣️
  7. Welcome to Dead Souls Club family!! We are hiring: DJ's Host/Hostess's Both dj & host/hostess's keeps 100% of tips!!! --------------------------- Dj's: Experience?: Yes, it is a must - we like to know that you have knowledge of the proggy that is used for djing! If you are a dj, we have a stream but if you have your own, that is ok too :) . Genre?: Our music here at Dead Souls Club, is as follows: EBM GOTHIC INDUSTRIAL DARK HARSH EBM ~~~~~~~~~~ Host/hostess's: Experience?: Yes & No We like to know that you do know how a club & being a host/hostess works. We like a pleasant/friendly attitude for our patrons to come into. So if you got what it takes to be part of Dead Souls Club family, please contact: SynysterSavage Resident Visit Dead Souls Club in-world below: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costradoro/45/127/2093
  8. I tried to make rope lights but they come out too big & no bright light. Is there anyway someone here can send me in the right direction in making rope lights correctly please! Like I said, I tried making them but the lights comes out ugly like & I'm not happy with the outcome lol. I searched for help or how to make em look like rope lights you see in real life but come out empty handed :-(. I don't want the lights to blink, I want them to be steady light, white light but bright. Any help be most appreciative & I thank you in advance :-)
  9. Thank you for responding to my ? Drake, most appreciative :-)
  10. I use Phoenix viewer to play SL, I don't use firestorm. Can I still use Phoenix viewer to sell my items on marketplace 'magic box'?? Or do I have to use firestorm viewer? I prefer Phoenix & got use to it during my SL play! I would appreciate any kind of help/info on this please. Ty :-p
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