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  1. I have to agree with MJ. The amount of theft of FP items on MP has absolutely exploded. I've contacted quite a few of the designers that were being targeted as well. I'm not sure what their recourse is. DMCA-Joke. I noticed that many of the creators are putting watermarks on their ad work now, but today, while perusing the listings, I see that those too, have been listed by thieves and on the same page as the legit creators work! No effort is being made to hide the fact that it is not being sold by the original creator. It's sick. I sell only original mesh now to my customers, but not every business owner has that luxury. It's really sad what has become of the SL commerce. Thieves-10, Creators-0. :matte-motes-nerdy::matte-motes-crying:
  2. As of this posting, I am just incensed. There has been a flood of new residents trying to get a quick Linden by listing the work of many of the established full perm creators. I know Meli Imako has filed a DMCA, as have a few others. This listing and many more are in plain view, shamelessly selling content they have no business selling. https://gyazo.com/bf563a17c22a7a42a7672746621240d8 I have sent quite a few messages to the creators I know to make them aware. But, honestly, I think the best way to combat this type of theft, is to refrain from any patronization. These people are making no attempt to hide the real creators names, logos, or promotional artwork. Literally, they are doing no work at all except to list it on MP. So the theft is obvious. Until there are reforms in the way LL deals with theft of this kind, I think we as a community can at least support content artists in adopting the 'buyer beware' mindset, and make sure when purchasing anything on MP, that we are buying an original work from the actual creator. :heart:
  3. Awesome! That is exactly what I needed to know...tysm for the point in the right direction! )) xx Bee
  4. Hi all! The White Armory will be celebrating 5 years in Second Life as a viable business providing high quality role play apparel and weaponry to our Second Life Medieval/Renaissance/Elven communities. I know Gizza just celebrated an anniversary last summer and it was sponsored by LL with announcments at the log in screen and a large destination write up. We are planning our anniversary celebration for May 2013. I cannot find anywhere how to get our event hosted by LL much like Gizza had done. Does anyone know? I very much appreciate the help in advance! :matte-motes-big-grin: Bee Dumpling Owner-Principle designer-The White Armory "Draw me not without cause; Sheath me not without honour."
  5. I am having the same issue. I can load the first texture fine. If I try and load another, everything freezes and I crash. I have a SL business and this is NOT acceptable. I have tried everything, reloading viewer, switching viewers, clear cache, tweaking prefs....the works...before the recent updates, it was fine. So this is definitely something new and not something new on my system. BTW: I do not have Skydrive, so this is not the issue. I am running Windows 7 and have been for some time. Has anyone got any concrete solution here? Much appreciated if so!!!
  6. I have gone to several sims and sandboxes. All the same result. I try to select the mesh to texture it, or drag a texture to it, and I instantly crash.
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