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  1. Greetings, I've exhausted Google and myself trying to troubleshoot and fix this. Windows 10 Professional Creator's Edition (Version 1703) 64-bit Intel i7-6700K @ 4GHz 64GB RAM Viewers Tried: Second Life 5.0.5 (default), Second Life 5.0.6 (release), Firestorm 64-bit 5.0.1 Menu shows, and poseballs rez when menu item is chosen When I move the cursor over the poseballs, the cursor doesn't change meaning it's not clickable When I left-click poseball, nothing happens When I right-click poseball the 'touch' menu item is grayed out I own the land and all objects I've checked to make sure scripts can run on land All other scripts work fine: lights, doors, etc. I've tried this on several different pieces of furniture inside and outside the house - sex and 'cuddle' Turned off AO Clicked 'Stop Animating Me' menu item Set poseball permissions to 'All' Attached image is with above settings Read any other info I could find I own furniture There are probably other things I've tried that I've forgotten I'm confounded by this. I hope someone out there has experienced this or has an idea I haven't listed above. Thanks!
  2. From the neck to the top of pelvis including arms and hands, My skin is bright flesh tone (like a sl noob skin). Can't get rid of it I'm not wearing any clothes or attachments. Here's what I've tried (I may forget a few): rebaked (obviously) changed avi to robot and back again turned of hardware renders skin cleared the cache logged on as an alt with different viewer to make sure it wasn't viewer turned off attached light and particle rendering set RenderMaxIndex to 0 Character Test - Test Male Character Test - Test Female (nice bod but the problem still exists) I thought my premium membership and land ownership would get me help from Linden Labs. Am I mistaken in this? If this doesn't get resolved soon, I'm selling my land and stuff and cancelling my premium account. Thank you in advance, whoever this goes to.
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