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  1. want a layed back resort that lets there tenants do what they want on there vacation Sweetwater estates resort is for u then... we also do hunting fishing & golf tournament we also have cabin for you to stay in while u are here all very private  for 250L for a day and 200 for a week or more Contact Karbonx Udimo for more info on the resort 


  2. Brand new Gorgeous Sim just opening Island resort Style adult sim.  Lower level gorgeous white sand beaches with many romantic secluded spots and beautiful waterfalls , rocky cliffs with 32 cliff homes tucked into them very private modern style homes with panoramic views from both floors of house $750L /wk . Plaza level include a mall many shops and carts for rent at various prices. and state of art adultdance club ACID RAIN  . Come Live Your Dreams at Polygon Cafe 




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