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  1. I have a FB page keep your pics tame and you will do fine.Its when you post nudes etc even of a 3d image that freaks them out.My name is same as my SL name so that dose not seem to be a trigger.Word of advice dont friend your real self to your SL self keep them seprate.
  2. Forget voice as a means as there are ways to fake that best why I have spotted a "fake" of the wrong sex is over time little things will slip out but usaly if you break down and cyber them a few times it pops out what sex they realy are.
  3. lets see this aint a SL av but one I had made based on me so this as is close to the real me your going to get
  4. maybe dont know yet still looking it all over myself :smileyindifferent:
  5. I haung out in other forums I use hmm jury is out on what I think of the new format:womanindifferent:
  6. Hmm FB must be losing intrest in killing them as there are several SL av accounts that I know of including mine.But comm by way of FB is passsing the buck post it here first not last.Twitter is a waste of time I got one of them to.
  7. First off hi and welcome wander around and see the sights lot of great stuff out there in SL I love the toga! Just remember to post often and reply to our posts to.
  8. This worked for me once when all else failed I had my girl friend send me a new compelte av. When I went to wear it this poofed me out of my cloud as things I had in my inventory did not want to work.
  9. Hi and welcome to this wacky place called Second Life do your self a great big favor and wander in as a alt to your offical Linden av see what realy goes on here before you wounder what the hell you just wandered into. Post regularly and the masses will love ya dont and they wil damn you for ever. Keep all that in mind and you will go far and remember this aint real life its Second Life:)
  10. Opened with no way to save and buy laters not a good move . You had several weeks to add this feature but didnt that was how I mainly used Xstreet look for stuff when im not in world or at home then go get it when I have the time and lindens.So get this working asap!
  11. There are plenty that are just for looks so id suggest you wear one of those next time instead of one of the more fancy ones.Now how to get un pregs I dont know but im sure there is a way for that to.
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