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  1. Primero vaya a su Dashbord en secondlife.com después elija el " Account" > " Edad Verification". Entonces complete los datos de su tarjeta de la identificación. Debe trabajar sin un problema.
  2. Si usted es una nueva cuenta usted debe incorporar el " Username" y del uso "Resident" como apellido a poder abrir una sesión.
  3. I installed it yesterday and I'm pretty happy with it. Besides some helpful add ons to the preferences, such as the hidden advanced menus, I truly enjoy how fast it rezzes! wtg guys!
  4. Well I wasn't one of the fortunate ones, was hoping to : (
  5. I've been preparing for the release for a while now, and I quite like what I see. All the tools are very cool, browsing is a lot easier. Good Job!
  6. Well, it's with sadness I detach my blipHUD and keeping tuned for further developments : )
  7. No one is left out, seems like awsome news : ) a complete migration of Teen Grid with the proper boundaries sounds like the perfect solution. Good job guys!
  8. Agreed at most levels. The only thing I don't agree with is the Web Based Client. I do prefer to have a desktop app to log in Second Life with web site integration with a more complete dashboard from where you can blog and share with other sites such a Twitter and Facebook. I think we should be thinking of integrating the web into the viewer enabling 3D web sites, not becoming part of the web in the current format instead. THAT would be THE future project for Second Life… Web 3D.
  9. Dharma… I prefer to have the option to do it… Doesn't mean people would have link their RL profiles to SL… but can have the option if they choose to do so with the social networks of their choosing… Including google account and blogs.
  10. I actually used it andI do like it's format, Hopefully you recover it to add new tools and improve the SL Blogs and integrate them with the SL viewer in the future and also allow them to interact with Koinup, Flikr, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr in a more integrated way. Good luck for the new projects : )
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