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  1. I agree but Lindens didn't take advantage of many programs that would have supplied grants for special interests for disabled people. I have worked in the corporate world and no matter what facade they depict, it is about MONEY....the reason Second Life is losing money is because they are forgetting the people who have made it what it is, the people who visit and use it, THE PEOPLE....to say that a corporation isn't concerned about "making profits" about all else is an oxymoron....of course it is about PROFITS....yu can't help someone across the street and then demand payment when you get them to the other side..
  2. WELL SAID!!! Now, can anybody in Lindens hear you?
  3. Gee, you sound like a corporate lacky for Lindens, Galileo....you take all the fun out of Second Life by giving us stats that sound like any big corporation sucking people dry and loving it...and if these people complain, well, screw them cuz there are more where they came from and we don't need any stinking people as long as we got MONEY MONEY MONEY
  4. Yes all of what you say is the actual truth...many people have submitted comments and all of them are valid and worthy...but chances are Ron will never read them, he may delegate someone in customer service to read them all and then we know what will happen...these comments will be shoved aside in the "to do " basket until the basket is full, and then they will throw away the basket. Its all about money, the vast potential of Second Life will be negated for the sake of money and profits, that is the bottom line, anything else is just distant rumblings that Customer support from LL ignores on a daily basis.
  5. Welcome Ron I hope you can fix Second Life and start with the Support Team, I have made several complaints about being ejected as a copybot for the last 6 months and I AM NOT A COPYBOT. No one seems interested whether I am innocent or not, when I tried to appeal to the creator/owner of the RedZone security orb system he was very rude and told me blind people have no business using Second Life and if I didn't BEG HIS FORGIVENESS he would never appeal my "request" First of all I'm not a copybot and I don't even know what one is. If I tell the owner of the shops, they don't believe me so how can I prove I AM NOT A COPYBOT? After being a customer for almost 4 years and spending hundreds of US dollars in this Second Life I got some security orb guy in Denamrk who hates blind people calling me a thief. So Ron please hire some people in your support system who is willing to help disabled people or even investigate an Issue beyond the basic steps.
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