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  1. Ummm... Well except for the 10 minute visits here in SL to talk to old friends left behind, I rarely if ever visit SL in 2011. When I decided I could not stand V2 I voted with my wheels and decamped to InWorldz and Avination. I think the mesh will further level the playing field between SL and it's descendants. Those of you who like the constant turmoil and glitchs the changes here bring can surf the big waves and enjoy the ride. Others of us who like being pioneers and being in worlds where our input is welcomed and implemented will settle in cozy and less stressful enviroments. In my 5 years
  2. Umm I kinda rediscovered the old magic... sorta kinda SL circa 2006. It's out there you know.... Just not here if you get my meaning. I don't wana get "moderated". So I won't mention a competing grid... They are listening here.Shhhhhhhh.
  3. Warmest greetings sir.Good luck.
  4. Why is it I greet the news of yet another Viewer Two iteration with the enthusiasm I would have for a call from my doctor, that included " Doctor would like to see you as soon as possible, also bring your husband or priest."
  5. I do not care to have any connection to the social networking sites. I do not like Viewer Two. I think Display Names are stupid. Perhaps the business plan is to reject the old residents and court the Myspace/Twitter/Facebook generation. I can't see the rationale of ppl in a role playing and fantasy environment wanting to link that to a social network, If you want us to all go to Inworldz just ask us to go. I went there three days ago, there was a constant rain of ppl rezzing in their welcome and announcing their SL departure. Inworldz founders are waiting there in the welcome area answering q
  6. Well, lets see. I have been in Sl for 4 years and belong to 12 groups. Hmmm. 42? Prolly won't use that but thank you :-) Teleport and sim crossings finally fixed? well that's good, and about time too. Viewer 2.5? 5 different versions in less than a year and it still isn't the most popular client. Might be a reason for that. If LL had any confidence in V2 they wouldn't have kept 1.23 as an alternative. Also after the Emerald fiasco most companies would have banned all TPV, if they had confidence in their new flagship product....All different versions of old viewer soon made the previous o
  7. Buh Bye!!! So Long!! Adios!! *Hands you your hat* Via Con Dios!! Happy Trails to You!!
  8. Should you be giving them ideas? *Visualizes Scenario* (Dark gloomy throne room, Minion approaches Lord Phillip Mepockets, wringing hands and grovels) "Master! we have another revenue enhancement!! We will make them deposit 10L for each 10 minutes of game play!!" "Then *evil laugh* We will use display names to show only question marks, they must pay to see name of an avatar!!!" "If they complain, the department of obfuscations will divert their TP's to send them naked to a G rated ageplay sim!!" "We could permaban them and notify authorities they are pervs and be rid of them!!! Mwah
  9. Simply Amazing. It's as if Toyota was spending it's time making an advert on the thrill of driving. Then demonstrated the adrenalin rush of having a car that will do 130 MPH on it's own and who's brakes and steering were uncertain. Your market place in nearly non functional. People pay and do not receive. Merchants can't sell or advertise on it. Your new viewer to access SL is buggy and frustrating. Third party developers are struggling to make something of it so people will use it. User base is dissatisfied and shrinking. I haven't any contacts in world who feel confident anymore. Many hav
  10. Umm, Err Mr. Jack Sir? You thought this idea of having all players with the same second name of "Resident" was clever ? Why? I would like to understand the point, I really would. Was this discussed at all? Some games introduce obstacles for the players to overcome like fire breathing dragons. Are broken features, incomprehensible UI's and totally useless "enhancements" designed to add an element of difficulty so we are challenged and stimulated? The online Urban Dictionary has "Lindened" listed as a verb meaning "To break something in your attempts to improve them" Dosn't that sor
  11. Bad Business conversations in History: 1925 Ok what we do here is loan money so people can buy stocks. Their values will always increase. 1936 Lets Just fill the Hindenberg with Hydrogen 1957 Ok we will call this new car Edsel 1973 If we merge all the car makers in the country and let the government run them we can call them British Leylands 1985 Alright, then we are going to call this "New Coke" 2003 Alright, what we do here is let the banks loan money for houses no matter the applicant's income. Property values will always increase. 2009 Yeah go ahead with that Viewer two thin
  12. Well I have just had myself a look arround the old neighbourhood. I have come away with such a warm feeling now. I saw so many avatars with the same second name. Apearently the Resident family is haveing a reunion in Second Life. Or perhaps Sl is becoming more like those rustic villages where family trees do not fork. I am a bit confused, which is a natural state for me. When I look at the profiles of today's noobs there is a first name and then all have the same second name. So, if I know 27 Joe Residents how will I sort them? If I run into a 28th Joe Resident and he greifs me how will
  13. Well then, the need for Display names is becomming apearent. The mindset at the labs is reflected in game. Hide yourself behind a double disguise. I envision a room full of Lindeneers, Glasses with false noses attached. Some with bags over their heads as well, never making eye contact. Mumbleing "No I didn't think of that code...."
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