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  1. Do you people on the commerce team ever look at the threads posted in Shopping Forums?. There are countless threads highlighting major flaws in the current advertising and search systems and yet you expect people to hand over even more cash on a new system BEFORE fixing the current one!!!. Unbelievable
  2. The completely useless e-mail subjects for sales are now only slightly useless, but more cluttered. "Customer <Firstname Lastname> purchased 1 item from you as part of order #123456 on the Second Life Marketplace" I'd much rather see the following, as I don't need a full, weirdly-worded sentence to understand what's going on: For a single item: SL Marketplace Order #123456: <Firstname Lastname> purchased <Product Name>. For multiple items: SL Marketplace Order #123456: <Firstname Lastname> purchased <number> items. In all cases, so far, I've sold single items, and would rather know what the product was than how many were bought. agreed, also needs a total sum of L$ at the bottom
  3. I bet the commerce team need to lay down in a dark corner after that excercise Anyway, congrats on making it this far despite the hiccups along the way p.s. I'm still not convinced by the Relevance search
  4. thank you for explaining Daniel, the frustrating thing for me is that over the last few months I've been learning to use Zbrush. It is able to extract by masking any part of the SL avatar you wish. In Zbrush you can extract a good Jacket shape in a couple of minutes, unfortunately that's where my knowledge ends. I guess I'll have to wait until someone produces a tutorial similar to the one already posted above showing me how to rig my model to multiple bones/joints so that the whole jacket bends where it's meant to. Here's hoping!!!
  5. Regarding some of the recent questions about rigging: the limit is that each vertex can be influenced by a maximum of 4 joints. A mesh as a whole can be influenced by the entire skeleton, as long as each individual vertex does not exceeed that limit. yes, multiple meshes can be influenced by the same joints, so for example you could have a jacket mesh and an avatar mesh attached at the same time and moving in sync. Thank you for replying Vir, small problem though...what constitutes a vertex in relationship to a jacket? is it the length of the arm?. Before answering you need to understand that us 2D clothing makers are totally new to this (rigging) and maybe some sort of step-by-step guide (with pictures lol) would help us to better understand what we need to do. I know you expect us to use the beta period as a testing phase but it really would be appreciated if you could help us to better understand rigging otherwise alot of us will be stuck just uploading static meshes. I know you have a problem in that we all use different software but I understand that alot of people will be using Blender as it is free and works for rigging so if you could maybe make some short "How to's" with screen pics from Blender it would help many of us to at least get started. Thank you
  6. (just to let you know before asking my question...I am a complete novice when it comes to rigging) question Someone above mentioned a possible limit of rigging to 4 bones. As a clothing creator I would be interested in making jackets but, unless I'm completely mistaken, to make a jacket I would need to use 4 arm bones (2 left and 2 right), 2 shoulder bones, torso bone and stomach bone. Now this comes to 8 bones to make a jacket bend in all the right places. Is this correct or even possible? p.s. I hope LL do put out some easy to understand but comprehensive documentation about rigging
  7. Um, nice try, House of Frye, but it's shorthand for paying the bills of Linden Lab, and providing it revenue, with our tier, which makes the world possible. mistake No.1 It's House of Rfyre (very talented btw) mistake No.2 I'm KC Fashions p.s. I knew what you where getting at and was having a little leg pulling fun : )
  8. you pay my tier? very kind of you : ) now I get revenue from your tier? this gets better all the time thank you : )
  9. Will you be making available pre-rigged avatar models for those of us who know nothing about this feature? I make clothes and would love to make bendy boots and jackets etc but rigging sounds very complicated.
  10. Zbrush has Collada export....are you sure? where?
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