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  1. @ Amanda I am sorry my dear Linden but you must tell these peopel just WHAT Facebook and Twitter do for Linden Labs Research. Please, by all means... well nevermind I will since it will NEVER come out of a Lindens "mouth" or type. Some here KNOW what these places are and how they EARN their money to help support them. No different than Yahoo! or MSN or any others. Oh.. I need to mention Marketplace too in there somewhere. It's called " ADS" or some times known as "ad.doubleclick.com" or "Pay per click". The MORE people that Linden Labs gets to these nasty sites the more money they (LL) are making. The more people they get to sign up and create an account, the more money they (LL) makes, Don't sit here an lie to people, as I also run a hosting company and know the ins and outs of this "Ka ka! / Crapola / Sh*t". As for banning people and muffling us on OUR OPINIONS of LL.. isn't that play GOD? No one likes people that plays GOD, Amanda. please advise CEO of Second Life/Linden Labs Research of this! And Fast because with this attitude, LL is sure to LOSE MORE people than they have signing UP PER DAY! No offense meant to Amanda at all, just LL and the way they do things sometimes. And this is why I am pulling out of SL (if I dont get banned and account removed for this post before then), is simple LL does not listen at all. Old saying goes: " You cannot Bullsh*t a Bullsh*tter" Heed that and make changes please. I just might stay. But there is another newer grid that runs circles around SL and only a couple years old at that! Oh And they listen and ACT THEN, not 30 to 90 days later. As for the groups, forums, inworld groups, etc... Come on. Linden Labs killed our ticket system to almost nothing now. That basically says " Here are your options, choose one and if your issue isnt here, to dam bad 'cause it isn't important enough for/to US!!" Linden Labs killed our $295.00 per month 24 hour, 7 days a week SUPPORT!! Linden Labs has now "Farmed out" the so called support that they have now to "Scout"s and NOT Lindens. I'd rather talk to a Linden than a "Scout" ... Oi Boi! Now there is a NAME... "Scout"! Linden Labs -cannot- listen to us, why, because they fired 1/3 of the staff and that leaves about (last I knew) 250 Lindens left to take care of "important" issues. 30 Millions last year...... Linden Labs can hire people to help more often! I have left Phil Linden an email about content theft going on. Serious sh*t. Nothing in return (email). Yet Linden Labs says they are listening and "We have eyes and ears in a lot of places" YAY! WHooopie! How about DOING something about it then?! Talk is cheap! Action says a LOT! Begs Linden Labs not to ban me for these words as they are words of truth! If I get banned, then the truth does hurt! Kane Once again, NO OFFENSE meant! Just tired of all the lies and GOD PLAYING!
  2. Average repeat logins.... humm... errmmm.. With viewer 2 and all.. new NEW people crashing.. and HAVING to relog.. does this count for that too? Much less, people using -other- viewers, say, like, 1.23.5, Imprudence, Pheonix, Ascent etc..... ....................... sorry....... i crashed............ relogging.... OMG another LOGIN... Yeah.. I would like to know as well... and agree.. this is a waste of time to even look at anymore. Tells us NOTHING that "WE" "Customers" want to know. Snap snap LL... (wake up, listen, produce facts that customers want to see, please)
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