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  1. So that means that if the creators that currently actually sells items supporting an experience (key) - for some reason (maybe not on purpose) - loses premium. Then all who purchased these items suddenly have a pile of items they paid for but can no longer use?
  2. The Eject and Freeze buttons are still in the "rightclick" menu on first level. (just checked 2.5.1) You just dont get it now if you dont have permissions to freeze and kick the person.
  3. Mesh creation is in Beta on the betagrid right now. And that will be the only way to "build/upload" structures to SL (Besides sculpties ofcourse) Mesh is not available on the maingrid yet and there are no clear indicator that tells when it will be. You can try it out on the betagrid yourself if you download this betaviewer: Secondlife Mesh Betaviewer. You can find more information here about mesh and applications you can use to create mesh with. /Zep
  4. As long we cant pay with $L or SL USD account this will not attract many. Even paying from paypal is out of the question. I was actually looking for this feature for a long time since it also was on XStreet. When I got the email about it and checked it out I was disappointed to see that you wanted me to bring in more money for it when I already had the money for it here. So LL. If you want me to use this feature and also see it as an actual tool, then you need payments from paypal to be a minimum. And I think payments from our SL USD account should be possible too.
  5. Yes I noticed. But it is not really a way out. As soon as you change to another page you are back to the messy appearance.
  6. replace https with http
  7. This must be the most badly arranged jira I have ever seen. Very confusing to look at the issue pages. I hope it will be possible to change the layout as a usersetting?
  8. You can use Rightclick > Take whatever LL viewer you are using. Version 1 or Version 2. There are no difference either on V2, V2.1 or V2.1.1 All uses Rightclick > Take
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