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  1. Hello, I've worked hard to produce 313 items in my market place store. About a week ago, I noticed that only 197 show on my store, although all 313 show as active in my manager. I've tried to resubmit pages, but I have no idea what has happened. My store is #112348. Can someone please help me restore the other 115 items to my store? I haven't recieved and notice from LL about bad keywords, or anything like that, so I'm puzzled as to why these items are missing. Thank you
  2. I hope I never have this problem although it just seems like a matter of time *lol*. I think it's just wonderful having people who aren't too self absorbed or jaded to help. Thank you once again
  3. I often read answers you give so that I can learn more about this little place we call SL. You are among a few who really have answers to other residents problems. Out of frustration they rant and sometimes whine but it is their hope that people like you and Unklebob will be kind enough to help them. SL can be very complicated and confusing for those of us who haven't been here very long. Thank you for all that I've learned from reading yours and other kind resident's posts. Have a wonderful day Ansariel .
  4. YAY! *clapping hands*. So glad you recovered your stuff!
  5. Thanks Unklebob. That was very useful info! I've had friends who have lost items in their inventories and all I could do is console them, now I actually have useful information I can use to possibly help. I hate having a friend lose something and not know what to do to help . Have a wonderful day! I hope this was able to help the OP, it sure gave me a wealth of info.
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