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  1. Thanks again Rorrim for a great place to visit. I hope LL take notice of what an important and impressive thing you have here, and get it listed as it should be!
  2. On this, 11/11/12, it was wonderful to be able to go to the best SL Cenotaph to be part of the Remembrance Sunday event. An absolutely stunning build, this has a replica war memorial, and fields of remembrance, where you can leave your own poppy tributes. Wreaths and poppy crosses are free. Rorrim Wrigglesworth and those working with her deserve full praise for giving us a place to commemorate The Glorious Dead. It is a permanent memorial, well worth a visit. http://slurl.com/secondlife/RoBeck%20Isle/170/65/23
  3. As manager of a brand new venue, I am looking for live singers, DJs and potential open mic performers, as well as hosts. La'More Social Club will be *the* place to be! Formal wear must be worn, but we hope that won't stop you coming over to relax in this beautiful new club! With several small shops available for rent also, this new venture is going to be one special place, and we hope you will all come by and see us! We are a tip only venue, and we can offer regular or one-off slots. Contact me if you'd like to be part of this fabulous club!
  4. I am the new manager of Timeless Lagoon, a beautiful venue, part of the 5 Star Weddings and Pro-Line Tipping systems family. We are a tip-only venue, but have great potential to make this one of the most exciting clubs in SL. Looking for live singers, DJs, and potential hosts/hostesses. Most genres of music are welcome, and of course we would love our artists to interact with the audience. As we are just starting out the hours will be roughly 10am - 6pm SLT but we will try to accommodate anyone who wants to work with us. You can use your own stream, or we can provide one for you. We have some of the best danceballs in SL, with hundreds of new dances for singles and couples. The club is set in a picturesque sim, with waterfalls, the lagoon visible under the glass dancefloor, and poseballs dotted around for those romantic moments. Families are welcome, therefore no nudity please, and profanity kept to a minimum. Come see the amazing new tip board system as well - no more placing awkward tipboards, these ones can be WORN! Our performers will be given the option of trying the system for themselves. Visit us anytime, and feel free to drop me an IM or notecard if you're interested in working here. Landmark: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cyril%20Beach/20/234/26
  5. There are so many amazing venues in SL that it's hard to remember them all, let alone list them! But, as manager for the fabulous Rocky Toocool, I can say that some of the venues I love to be at when he plays are Pf's Place, which is a really nice, simple beachside sim, low lag, great danceballs, and fun people. Also Off The Rails, where they work so hard to make our weekly (Saturday) costume shows such fun by dressing the club for the event, dressing in costume, and making it a great show. Romantica Yacht Club (RYC) is a favourite as well...and sooooo many more! Check my profile pics inworld for Rocky's schedule and you will find some great venues in there!
  6. For a beautiful trained voice, with music from big band to oldies to show tunes, you cannot beat Euan Hubbenfluff. The guy even sneezes in tune! Then there is the marvellous Pandora Breadbin if you like a smooth voice and a great selection of music, with oodles of giggles and fun. No screechy female she! For all round entertainment there is the magnificent BubbaC John and his glorious Bubbettes, bringing the music of Elvis (and much more) to SL with a whole lot of fun. And top honours go to Rocky Toocool, fantastic rock and blues singer, with some country, folk, oldies...a fabulous songlist, great tribute act to singers from John Cougar Mellencamp to the Eagles, the Rolling Stones to Elvis... One of the hardest working acts in SL, it's always a fun show when Rocky is around, he comes highly recommended!
  7. I LOVE live music in SL, and have many favourites, some of whom have become great friends. But I have to put in a word for my awesome boss, Rocky Toocool! His shows are always great fun, he sings a huge range of songs from rock and blues to country and folk, with a little bit of everything else thrown in for good measure! He loves taking requests and making the show as good as it can be for the crowd. We do a lot of stuff like having themed costume events, a photo contest, random prizes for being at shows...and we just love having new people come along and join the fun! Rocky has a facebook page and a video on youtube which we'd love you to check out, or give me a shout inworld and I can bring you to a show, send some info...just ask!
  8. It depends what you're into. I manage Rocky Toocool, a fab singer who covers rock, blues, country, and more. He has shows almost every day - the schedule for the week is in my profile picks. His shows are always great fun, and we would love to have you come over and join us! We have themes and contests, and you can be a fan on Facebook too! I also recommend Euan Hubbenfluff, an amazing singer who covers a huge range, from big band and show tunes to pop and oldies. His voice is simply stunning. Then there is Pandora Breadbin, a wonderful singer, again from oldies to more current stuff, with some rock and jazz. And if you like a bit of Elvis then you can't go wrong with BubbaC John, the best Elvis tribute act in SL, and the most fun entertainer.
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