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  1. My store is offline.

    After having to deal with a bunch of failed deliveries and people asking for refunds or products I had enough of it.

    I never received their $L and they never received my products, unless I dealt with inworld, this is too stupid for words.

    LL only f*cks up everything, and I am not going to deal with their sh*t, I simply don't have the time, nor the patience for that.

  2. Marketplace SUCKS!

    Ever since LL closed Xstreet, there's been nothing than problems, problems, and more problems.

    I just checked my transaction history cos someone said she bought a house, and I had no notifications of any kind.

    What I found was a list of 12 failed deliveries, to 11 different persons, all say "Not available for redelivery" while the items show as available on my store.

    It shows people have been charged for what they tried to buy, but I did NOT receive the money, and the buyers did NOT receive their purchases, and I did NOT receive any kind of notifications about these failed deliveries.

    I barely sold anything since the last update, and since the previous update (the maturity sh*t got installed) all my gothic items stopped selling.

    So today I decided to do a test delivery of my failed sales, and hey, no option for it, yeah I can buy my own items and LL will get commisions for it, NO WAY!

    Also in my listings show a bunch of products that aren't even in my magic box, I removed them ages ago, but they are still listed.

    Seriously LL, is there anything you don't mess up???

  3. I will keep it short too. lol

    My sales have stopped, it's not 30% down, neither 50, but more like 95%.

    Since the latest updates on Marketplace I had one day with 8 sales and 9 days without any.

    My boots have always done quite well, they are all in General category, and since the update I haven't sold any.

    My gothic builds haven't sold at all since the updates.

  4. Do you wait long enough after selecting an image?

    The first time I uploaded a picture I wasn't patient enough, kept refreshing the window cos I thought it wasn't doing anything (it doesn't show it) then I just tried again and went afk, when I came back it had uploaded my picture.

    I only use .png files.

  5. I used to look at others, see what they put for similar items, but one asks way more than another, simply cos one doesn't have an inworld store and the other does.

    Now I just look at what my item features, if it has many features I'll ask more than for a more simple structure.

    Also I prefer to keep my stuff affordable for everyone, when I was new to SL I couldn't afford anything but freebies, it would take ages before I gathered enough Lindens to get some decent clothes, etc.

  6. Well when I created it I was only attempting the first time, no clue about the 32 prim limit, also there are plenty of scripts that allow upto 256 prims, and I thought that script was one of those, as the limit was not mentioned in her product description.

    Vehicles aren't really my thing anyways, I've tried all sorts of stuff but structures always had my preference.

  7. There's already some usefull replies here but I will just add this: Watch your prim count.

    When I just started building I made a club house, in no time I got a message that the parcel was full. Oops, seems you can't just use a prim for every detail. lol

  8. I always look on Marketplace when I need something, and might TP to have a better look if it's available inworld.

    The idea of a Marketplace link in the viewer does appeal to me, as a content creator I can definitely see benefit in that.

    When I first joined Second Life I often asked people where they got their clothes etc, and if one person wouldn't have mentioned XstreetSL as it was before, I wouldn't have known of its existance.

    It's a great idea.

  9. I always go for as less as possible sculpts and prims, the hair and boots are about the only prims I have constantly on my av.

    People have said "hey noob" probably because mostly I don't even have my AO on. lol

    Only reason I do this is cos I've seen some people appear on a sim, causing tremendous amounts of lag, also creating chat lag with delays of over a minute, if the text appears at all.

    When I had a look at those avatars, I always noticed how many prims their hair, boots and belts were, not to mention those who walk around with robot or dragon avatars etc.

    These lag monsters annoy me and I don't want to be the one causing such lag.

    Every attached prim, wether sculpt or not, causes lag, as does every script in HUDs and other attachments.

    (Don't have a decent picture to add).

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