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  1. Seeking talented and active bloggers for the following stores: Ducknipple, 20.FIVE and SLX Outfit Shop. To apply please read the requirements and fill out the application form at: http://bit.ly/Uilid7 Thank you!
  2. - For mainstore only! - 1250 prims 1600L$ per week, 1L$ to buy the land - Share sim with 7 other mainstores - Your shop must be located on groundlevel (skybox/personal space in sky is of course allowed) - Scriptless vendors are very much preferred - Terraforming: Yes - LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Never%20Land/88/156/52
  3. That does'nt explain why we're still able to proceed credit as usual while the email says that its been set to 'on hold'. But yes, it does show up in Support Hisotry, its even highlighted in orange so i guess there's no other choise but to follow their orders.. have you filled in this Echosign form yet? Im in europe and LL is'nt known to be very euro friendly heh.. hope it works out
  4. I've received the same my English is too limited to phone LL. have you heard back from them yet and are you able to proceed credit at this time?
  5. Sassy Romano wrote: JD Hansen wrote: Now we are a TOP 20 SL Company , where's that list published, who are the other 19? Curious about that too! 1k in $ does'nt seem to be a typo, they dont even allow you to pay in L$ which most likely means that you'll get charged 21% on top of mentioned rates due to taxes when living in the EU, (they do that to us with the monthly region tiers, premium accounts, etc as well). But they do have a sense of humor, LL that is http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Advertise_with_us_FAQ
  6. Gah that's such a shame, was hoping i was doing something wrong.. dont we practical always want the specular, normal and diffuse map to line up with eachother? And about the negative values reverting.. is that a known bug that is on a list to be fixed or is it just going to stay like that? Anyways, i need to pause my materials wrestling until these issues has been solved, if ever. Thanks a lot for replying
  7. Hiya, supernoob question im sure, sorry if its been asked before.. no cat claws please Is there a way to automaticly set the specular and normal texture to use the same mapping as the diffuse textures? Strangely enough, i need to set the scale, repeat, rotation and offset values for 3 textures manually which is too time consuming. Would'nt it be more logical if the specular and normal textures used the same mapping as the diffuse map by default? Or am I missing a magic button somewhere? Also, the horizontal and vertical offset info for the specular as well as the normal texture are Only being saved properly when the default Midday lightning (ctrl -shift – y) is enabled. When changing to any other (wind)light setting, the offset values change into something random for each prim so that they dont match up with the diffuse map any more which does'nt look right obviously. When trying to correct the offset values whilst Midday is not active, the offset values are not being saved; they pop back after closing the edit window. Thanks! Second Life 3.6.1 (278007) Jun 27 2013 12:41:07 (Second Life Release sim10279.agni.lindenlab.com ( Intel® Core i7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70GHz (2693.88 MHz) Memory: 12236 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Build 9200) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 680M/PCIe/SSE2
  8. For rigged garments: Duplicate/flip the full (usually already too high poly-) model to make the whole inside non-transparant. Just stick with the edges that will work just fine for most projects.
  9. Hopefully this 'fix' (why was this link removed in the first place?) will be implemented sooner than the deformer
  10. The average price for lets say a custom rigged and uv unwrapped clothing piece lays around 80k L$ (1000L$, i'd wish lol). That price should include full rights meaning the buyer receives the object/dae files and may do with them as they wish like selling them as a full perm templates for example and/or just offer them without full perm in their shop. Offering the models on 3D model sites is seldom allowed which makes sense. Those are the most common rules that custom mesh creators have that i know of. There may also be people who are looking for a custom product for their own personal use only without transfer rights, the rates for that will probably be cheaper although it's the same amount of work for the creator. As for private lessons/courses.. i would'nt know! But the rates you have in mind do sound ridiculously cheap.. would raise that or people might not take you seriously Recently purchased a video course that teaches how to model, uv's and rig clothing which costed less than 40k L$ which is definately not too expensive in my opinion.
  11. Luckily you can easily swap languages in win8 (every edition)
  12. Yes im annoyed with this too and unfortunately its only going to get worse as almost all merchants use scripted vendors now which might be nice for updates and redeliveries but as a costumer you cant see what you're actually buying that way. Im probably one of the few who dont use scripted vendors for that reason + of course the extra lag that brings to a region, especially when you have 1000+ vendors. Luckily rigged mesh comes (or at least should come) with free demo versions so you're still able to see what you buy that way but its not always mesh clothing that we buy ^^
  13. Yeah it was the most profitable and especially the fastest way to convert L$ to € in my bank account otherwise i (and so many other Europeans) wouldn’t have used it all that time Also they had better rates for customers who used their system regularly since a year orso.
  14. Yes, security is very important. But hm.. if you go to a RL bank with lets say a bag of coins worth 100$ that you would like the exchange for one 100$ note, you dont leave your bag of coins behind and come back a week or two later to pick up your 100$? Because that's how LindeX seems to be working if i understand correctly? I have never used LindeX before as i've only used Eldex to exchange L$ to Euro's for the past year or 5. They always transferred the money do my paypal instantly or at least within minutes so why cant LL, does it really take them a week or even longer, also for people outside the US? Or do we have to wait even longer?
  15. MP has always been extremely slow especially when adding and editing listings but since a few hours its not working -at all-
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