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  1. I never had the first viewer and pretty much joined when viewer 2.0 was out. Now have 2.4. There are slight differences between the two, but the main thing are login issues and getting logged out when teleporting. And with sim crossing lag on top of that it's pretty much a nightmare somedays, depending on where I go of course. For teleporting to improve that would be great and sim crossings, but since yesterday I've had trouble doing both. And today I can't even get into the sim I own for more than a minute, and not long enough to Restart it to help myself. Constantly getting logged out is driving me insane, in between changing router channels to see if that helps. Alas it does not; so yet again right from since I joined I'm still wishing the Login screen appeared after I got logged out or cleared me cache (which I have to do every six hours if I want so stay at top speed) before logging out then back in again. Practically all systems, sites, even game ones etcetra and games give you the option to login after you logout. Why doesn't SL have one, instead of forcing us to close the program then open it again just to get the login screen up? That would be a normal expected feature I'd love to see that is oddly missing from the viewer features. As for groups, a few more for me will be nice, as I have to join Support groups for the different animals I breed, and are at my limit now, along with my own groups and the odd clothes groups etcetra that I love. As for chat, being able to open a group chat session manually without it not connecting would be great. Especially since i only tend to do it when I really need help. But before the names of members even load it always times out on my a lot of the time. Touch wood, not this last week, but then on relog I tend to make sure I don't close a group I might need that day, especially if I might not be able to open a chat session with them on my own. I'm not even going to mention chat lag! Grr! Facebook, My Space....social networking sites...newsfeed joining with Sl or whatever... Not really fussed on that. I have both sites and yes, I'll upload pictures to Facebook, but then only certain people can see them, close friends that want to see what I'm doing. But beyond that I won't be sharing any other information that will have the option to post automatically to Facebook/My Space/Whatever as I'm here to get away from those kind of sites. And to be honest, no one at those kind of sites that I've spoken to have any interest in joining Second Life whatsoever. So I can't see why they would integrate them. Just like I won't be joining my My Space to my Facebook. I'm at both sites for totally different purposes and wish to keep them seperate still, which is why I'm at both places and not just one. Guess I don't see what the added bonus of this new feature will be. As for another new version of the viewer, I'd just love them to fix the bugs with this one first. Especially the amont of time it takes to load inventory. Does it really need to reload three times and then some in one day if I haven't logged out at all or teleported anywhere? And I do agree with some above about adding people to groups. The invite doesn't always go through. I know I usually have to invite people twice before they actually receive one invite. And I use the Display Name feature, mostly because of having to pick an last name that I would have chosen differently when I joined if I'd had the choice at the time. But I do show up as ??? a lot, which kind of bugs me, because then it makes me wonder what else is not loading correctly if it can't even show my name!
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