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  1. Script errors aside, the Linden Home security system has worked really well for me in keeping my SL perv free since I posted. I will never use security orbs anywhere else, but here it does help me get a bit of peace (my mainland plots are public "destinations" so I use my Linden Home for down time).

    I did get a bit creeped out by that guy helping himself to my avatar while I was afk in my home. I know it wasn't "me" but it is still sinister somehow that someone does not need you to be mentally there in order to ...... finish. But that is a whole other debate LOL.

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  2. I get the same script error but did manage to get up to 16. I am not an orb user but I fell asleep afk and found someone trying to do heinous things to my fully dressed avatar. I decided if this security system was a non annoying one then I'd start using it.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Saskia Rieko said:

    Two days ago I caught a nice spot in Kirbee. It is not my dream location but it is good enough and gave me some ideas to do something nice there. So I am out of hunting for now.

    But a question - there was a webpage with a list of all Bellisseria places open for everyone and run by Residents like cafés, spa, hangouts etc. Does it still exist? It seems I can't find it.


    If you use Google, it might also be worth adding the Bellisseria Fairgrounds calendar to your diary. I ran an Around the World event there last Saturday (Spain) and should be doing another one next month (probably Romania this time, last time was Spain) - http://bit.ly/BellisseriaFairgroundsCalendar

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  4. It can be helpful when regions are released, a flurry of activity on this thread can often mean that. If a lot of people are announcing abandons it doesn't mean you will get their abandon, it means that it is a behaviour pattern that indicates it is a busy time for abandons.

    I think the use of this thread requires patience and pragmatism, it is pointless treating it as gospel.

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  5. 42 minutes ago, karynmaria said:

    You really can't.  The best parcels I have gotten are abandoned ones and the great thing is you can get them 24/7 cause people can release them at all times of the day and night.   Not like having to wait for them to do a new region release.  I am lucky to even get a parcel in a new release, least of all the one I want.  

    All my water view parcels are abandons, none were got on release.

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  6. I had a couple of good days re releases then I took a temp job last week and this week so I miss them (UK time), and the SL clocks changed too. I don't mind though. I get great houses on the adandon lottery with perseverance. I go back to self employment next week so I might clean up on the log homes!

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  7. 1 minute ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Late night SLT, during the week, is probably best if you want to give it a go.  After much of the US is in bed because of work the next day and Europe is not up or just getting up.  So, if I'm doing my math right, then 9:00 pm SLT is roughly 5:00 am in the UK.  Much of Europe is getting up and heading off to work and many folks don't check the forums before work.

    If I was going to try a swap, I'd do it like I did with Sylvia -- use a Premium alt that doesn't own a home to try and get the property she abandoned (in my case, a new Premium alt).  Then after I successfully nabbed it, abandon the other property.  Even then, it is only worth a try if you are okay with losing the parcel entirely. 

    Even though I got the parcel from Sylvia, it now means that my new Premium alt owns the property and I either have to try for a hand-off between accounts or keep this one at Premium.  Since I did early renewals on the others - so they are all paid up through next year or later - I can't even offset any costs by reducing one to basic.

    Yeah, it is 8 hours difference. I am UK. Now is nearly 7:30 pm here and nearly 11:30 am SLT.

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