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  1. Mr Humble, Not being a "premium VIP" I only understood the "level of LL technical support" when I was "ghosted" in the Blake sea lately. And that was NONE. I did sweat for 48hrs thinking I had lost everything. Avatar and all of its creations and builds. Two years of hard work. SL is not a game. By now you should have read this enough. I can only agree with those who tell you to "live" with us for a month. And listen and talk with us. Yeah humility to listen to your customer base would be my first priority in your new, difficult, role. Which also means not just Americans... but also non native english people here. I fly two seaters. You are welcome aboard. Runway is just next to Pilot's Rest. Will be a joy to make you "feel" sim crossing in a "corner", have some skyboxes barnstorming, or fly over Nautilus.... I promise I will not trigger that passenger ejection seat. Cause you need a chance to try to clean the mess the arrogant PR/Marketing people got SL into. This including the prudish twits. 13's+ and 16's on SL? What a big mistake. Some dark skies ahead of you. Did you defrost those wings of yours? We all hope you make it to the other side. Else we will be all gone to open sims very soon. Good luck Mr Humble. Over and Out. Judy PS: Sorry I don't design suits.
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